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  • 1. OUR FASHION STYLE Polish teenagers

2. Dominika`s style My favorite clothes are jeans and any T-shirt. I want to feel comfortable. I almost don`t wear earrings and bracelets. 3. But sometimes I wear dresses or skirts. 4. Karolina`s school time fashion I like to go to school in shirts 5. Free time fashion My style in my spare time is casual. 6. Kuba`s style My style is comfortable.I very like T-shirts.I like the ones that have a funny print.I don't have any style icons. 7. My favorite dresses Natalia`s fashion I go to school in casual clothes: pants, shirt, blouse or sweater sometimes. To the church or to some family celebrations I got dressed in their Sunday best: dress. 8. I dont have any icons. I dress as I like, but I really like the style of Selena Gomez. She is beautiful and amazing dresses. 9. KASIA`S FASHION STYLE I like comfortable clothes, but also to make them fashionable, the most I like to walk around in leggings and a t- shirt or dresses. 10. I do not have the fashion pattern, dress in according to their own ideas. 11. Im Aloha, I have no standard fashion, she complete clothes, I like to join in cute t- shirts with camo pants: D 12. Here is my wardrobe. 13. My favorite. T-shirt Dress Pants Jeans vest Sneakers