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ORGANIC CLOTHINGInsight into the world of organic fashion


Organic FibersThe fibers that has been grown or raised without the use of toxic insecticides, fungicides or herbicides.Buying organic products made with organic fibers is a great way to live healthier, more sustainably, and more comfortably.cotton, wool, jute and silk are the most common organic fibers.

Yarns made from organic fibers

Organic jute

Organic ClothingThe clothing made from materials raised in compliance withorganic agriculturalstandards is categorized under Organic Clothing. It may be composed of cotton, jute, silk, ramie, or wool and has no genetically modified seeds, no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers.

Various organic clothing items

Benefits of going organic.No chemical pesticides are used.Organic cotton farming produces far less CO2 emissions.Organic cotton farming uses up to 60% less water than conventional farming methods.Humans and animals are not exposed to chemical pesticides or herbicides.When the fabric is discarded, pesticides and herbicides are not returned to the earth in landfill, or enter intorecyclingprocess.

Advantages over conventional fibersCONVENTIONAL FIBERSORGANIC FIBERSENVIRONMENTLoss of biodiversityPollution of soil and airPesticides killing beneficial insectsIncreased biodiversitySoil and air are hygienicEco-balance between pests and insectsECONOMYResource consumingHigh production costNo alternative cropsLess resource consumptionLower production costsNiche productHEALTHChronic diseases (cancer, infertility, weakness, illness) due to chemicals present.No use of pesticides, or chemicals that saves the farmer and surroundings from chronic diseases.

Fashion brands and retailers using organic fibersNike, Patagonia, Marks & Spencer, Wal-Mart, H&M, Otto group, C&A, Coop Switzerland, Tesco and many other companies are using organic cotton in blend with other fibers, but not still using 100 % organic cotton

Indian market and upcoming brands.Gathering their fiber from trails that include the deserts of Rajasthan, to green lands of Kabini, to bring fashion that is ethical and suits everyones palate, Indian market has a lot to offer. Few upcoming Indian brands that follow the organic mantra are Indigreen, No nasties, UV & W, Bhu:sattva, Do you speak Green, Anokhi, Samtana and Ethicus.

Global Organic Textile StandardThe Global Organic Textile Standard is the new tool for an international common understanding of environmental friendly production systems and social accountability in the organic textile industries

Celebrities sporting organic clothes.

Paris Hilton wearing Coop Switzerland

Parineeti Chopra wearing UV & W

Case Study:KAZARO INTERNATIONAL, LUDHIANA.KAZARO is a Pro-active Enterprise based in Ludhiana(India).It is launched by Sanjay Kapoor, an expert designer in this line. Kazaro is now one of the leading fashion wholesalers in India engaged in manufacturing a wide range of organic clothing.

Product range It comprises of Stylish, Comfortable and In Vogue fashion with a wide range of stunning designer wear Kurtis, Tunics, Coats, Kaftans and Accessories for women. The new green line is made out of organic cotton and natural dyes without compromising on the style quotient.


Its as much out of environmental concerns as for business interest. The green label definitely puts a premium on products in export markets. Definitely the cost of production has increased but so are the sales. concedes Sanjay Kapoor, managing director of Kazaro International.

Role of a fashion designer The design of a product is what draws a customer towards it. For organic fashion to become chic and desirable, design must lead the way and should be ecologically sustainable and ethical . Designers should therefore launch garments which are not necessarily perceived to be just environment friendly but aesthetically appealing as well thus catering a larger target group.

A fashion designer can turn simple organic fabrics into wonderful garments.

To save the planet one has to either fly to moon, become super hero chemically, kill all the terrorists, or just go organic.

-Rajat Misra (Vice-president-Marketing and Designing of UV&W)

Reference April Harmon, The Benefits of Organic Clothing,North Charleston, USA, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2011www.theorganicinstitute.comwww.organicclothingindia.co

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