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Just Artifacts offers Personalize Back to School Supplies like washi tape, party paper napkins, paper treat bags, wooden cutlery and many more at affordable prices. All these items are available in various colors and patterns.


  • 1. Personalize Back to School supplies!

2. New class lists are posted and school shopping is in full swing. Washi tape is your number one trick to customize your child's school supplies. Read the full article HERE on the Just Artifacts Blog 3. WASHI TAPE Label and decorate all your school supplies with Washi tape. We carry over 100 designs starting at $1.98 each SHOP NOW 4. Paper Treat Bags Pack your snacks in colorful paper treat bags! 24pcs/ $2.98 5. Striped Paper Treat Bags 6. Chevron Paper Treat Bags Polka Dot Paper Treat Bags Treat bags are great for party treats, favors, notes, or cards. SHOP NOW !! 7. Wooden Cutlery Serve up lunch with bright and colorful wooden cutlery. 12pcs/ $2.98 SHOP NOW 8. Polka Dot Wooden Cutlery Striped Wooden Cutlery 9. Chevron Wooden Cutlery Party in style with these unique and modern wooden utensils. Wooden cutlery is Eco friendly and 100% biodegradable. 10. Party Paper Napkins Wipe those little fingers and faces with paper napkins from Just Artifacts. 20pcs/ $1.88 SHOP NOW 11. Polka Dot Paper Napkins Striped Paper Napkins 12. Chevron Party Paper Napkins Celebrate in style with these paper party napkins 13. Contact Us