Personalizing Cremation Urns and Other Memorial Products

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  1. 1. Personalizing Cremation Urns Unique Ways to Preserve Memories. Ira Woods, OneWorld Memorials |
  2. 2. What Is Personalization ? Personalization is a way to make your urn or other memorial item "personal" or individual. It may include one of the following: Adding an engraved base Engraving directly onto the urn/memorial product Engraving onto a plaque that will be placed on the urn Adding an engravable pendant placed around the urn
  3. 3. Engraving Processes Three Methods for Engraving Onto a Cremation Urn
  4. 4. 1. Laser Engraving Laser engraving uses lasers to produce a desired effect. The laser is like a pencil the beam emitted from it allows the controller to trace patterns or words onto a surface. Laser engraving is extremely versatile, suitable for hardwoods, some metals, most coated metals, and small items requiring fine precision, such as jewelry.
  5. 5. 2. Rotary Engraving Rotary engraving is done with a rotating cutting tool in a motorized spindle. The tool cuts into the surface of the material to a predetermined depth, producing a groove. It works well on uncoated metals, such as brass, stainless steel, silver, gold, titanium, pewter and aluminum. Creating a groove through a layer of paint that coats the metal exposes the base metal surface and color. Rotary engraving allows for deeper cuts on marble or stone than can be produced by laser engraving.
  6. 6. 3. Sand Carving Sandcarving works best for engraving marble, stone, glass, ceramic, granite or metal. A photomask, or stencil, is applied to the surface to be carved. Using compressed air, an abrasive sand-like material is propelled onto that surface, carving only in the open areas of the stencil. This method can produce a lightly frosted image or a more deeply etched design.
  7. 7. What Cremation Urn Materials Can be Engraved with Which Process? Some materials lend themselves more favorably to engraving process than do other materials. This is good to keep in mind when carefully reviewing vendor information about engraving suitability for your product. A laser engraved Celtic Cross on a Bamboo Cremation Urn
  8. 8. What If You Find the Perfect Cremation Urn and Then Learn it Cant be Engraved? Some urns do not lend themselves well to the engraving process. The Elite Radiance Bronze Cremation Urn has a lot of beautiful etching on its metal body, yet this makes it impossible to engrave. There are workarounds!
  9. 9. The Workarounds: An engraved metal pendant placed around the neck of the urn.
  10. 10. Misty Mountains Ceramic Urn has a beautiful mountain scene, but no space to engrave properly. By personalizing it with an engraved plaque and base, it enables you to accomplish your desired outcome. The Workarounds: An Engraved Base
  11. 11. Details to Consider Before Personalizing Word limit or character count Line count Engraving is limited by the size of the engraving surface and item shape The Aria Butterfly full sized urn has ample room for engraving. Up to 3 lines Up to 40 characters per line The Aria Butterfly Keepsake Heart has a small engraving surface. Up to 2 lines Up to 20 characters per line
  12. 12. Details to Consider Before Ordering a Personalized Urn: Fonts most often a choice between a block or calligraphic script style Symbols such as a dove, cross, heart, dolphin, or others.
  13. 13. A few last tips: Think about what you want the engraving to say before you place your order. Be sure your text aligns with the engraving capability (material, character count, etc.) of the urn youve chosen. If you want to specify where the engraving will go on the urn, check with the vendor to see what placement is possible. They will often comply. Timing: Engraving can take an extra 1-3 business days. If you want a rush order call the vendor and ask if they can expedite.
  14. 14. Personalizing Cremation Urns Choosing a cremation urn for a loved one and adding engraving is a meaningful, important decision. Work with your vendor for a satisfying result that meets your emotional and aesthetic needs. The customer service representatives are there to assist you, answering questions or solving any issues along the way.
  15. 15. Or Call toll free 844 671-9744