Savvy Ways To Spend Your Extra Energy Dollars For The Holidays

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Savvy Ways To Spend Your Extra Energy Dollars For The Holidays

Spread the Energy Saving love with these great gifts.

Have you found yourself with some extra holiday spending money? Thank your Triple Pane Windows that save you money and energy all year long.

WEMO LED Lighting Starter Kit $99.99

Looking for a light bulb that lasts? WEMO LED Light Bulbs can last up to 23 years, and they only consume 10 watts of energy.

They can also be controlled from your smartphone.

Ecobutton 10

The UKs Ecobutton reduces the amount of time that your computer sits idle. Instead of allowing your computer to sit and zap energy as you walk away for a break, the Ecobutton will put your computer into an energy saving sleep mode

Solar Charger Backpack $80

Using the power of solar technology, this innovative backpack serves as a mobile charger that doesnt need an outlet. The Solar Charger Backpack allows you to charge smart phones, tablets, and more.

Nest Thermostat $249

How about a smart thermostat to compliment those Triple Pane Windows? The Nest Learning Thermostat studies your schedule and behavior, all while learning what temperatures keep you the most comfortable.

Showerdrop Shower Meter $12

Concerned about your water consumption? This little gadget can tell you how much water you have used during your shower, and even let you know when it is time to get out for the best water saving benefits.

Mini Flexible LED Laptop Light $9.99

If you know someone who spends a lot of late nights on a laptop, this is a perfect little gift for saving energy. This mini light plugs into the USB port of your laptop and shines directly on to the keyboard. Theres no need to have lots of light running all night long with this mini LED light.