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School magazine front coverStep by step

Initially I went to the paint tool and altered the colour of the background from white to purple. This colour suits the theme of my magazine. I then inserted an image that is a medium long shot, which the student provided direct address for my magazine. I also used the cropping tool to change the sides of the image to stand out and fit my magazine.

In addition I then used the text tool to write down the masthead of my magazine, by using the right font size and font type, which is suitable for my magazine. Moreover, I used the text tool to write the name of the student for my magazine and the main coverline; in capital letters for it to be striking.

After that I placed a positioning statement by using the text tool. I highlighted the font and made it extra small which would make the masthead the centre of attention.Shortly after, I added 2 coverlines and highlighted them to change colours/font/font type and used the shape tool to get a line to use under the masthead to make it stand out a b it more also the make it look professional.

I then again used the shape tool to make a circle and changed the colour to be black to make the font I will be placing to stick out.I added a buzzword along side the rest of the writing, this use of a buzzword may grab the audiences attention. Also I made the text in all capitals to completely grasp the readers attention which could make them want to read this magazine.

Furthermore I added a text on the facial expression that my student was making, to emphasis the message I was trying to get across.I inserted a barcode image and resized it to fit my magazine and placed on the right bottom corner, I added a barcode to make the magazine more realistic. I also added the date of when the magazine is released under the masthead and made it have a small. font.

I added all the information that follows the barcode such as the date, issue number and the website. Made the text in small font the lessen the attraction to that area of the magazine. Lastly, I used the brightness tool to the image and contrasted it to be a bit more clear for the audience to see it, and it made the magazine come together overall.