Three ways to bring life to your shoes

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Three ways to bring life to your shoes


  • 1. Three Ways to Bring Life to Your Shoes HTTP://SECRETSBEAUTYSTORE.COM/

2. 1. Shoe Care - Polishing Shoes After use Essentially, there are two categories of shoe polish, wax and silicone. Wax is superior to silicone. Wax shoe polish yields a deep shine. Wax is also better at preventing wet from damaging the shoes. Silicone shoe polish merely provides a surface shine that is quick to apply. Shoe specialists say that a common fault in shoe care is the application of too much polish, and the removal of too little. A painless way of avoiding this is to use the same brush for applying wax, and buffing it off. It may seem bizarre, but it is a remarkable inducement to use less polish. Some brands of polish buff up more easily if burnished immediately after waxing. Other brands are better if the wax is left to dry for a few hours. Unfortunately, it is a question of testing to see which method works best. If shoe polish becomes inflexible,or cracked, place the container over boiling water. It will soon restore the wax to its original condition. Be aware that certain polishes include toxic substances. Some substances may be volatile. Make sure the room is well ventilated when using shoe polish. Some toxic substances may be absorbed into the skin. Take precautions to avoid contact. 3. 2. Shoe Care - Restoring Salt Stained Shoes When wintery roads are salted, unsightly white blemishes can emerge on footwear. The stains can be tricky to remove, and the remedy precarious. Despite this, salt stains look so unpleasant that it can be worth a shot. Blend one part mild washing up liquid, one part white spirit, and four parts water. Mix well to make an emulsion. Using a clean cloth, rub the emulsion around the complete shoe. Give extra attention to the salt line. Carefully rinse the shoe then gently dry it. Reapply polish to the shoe when it is thoroughly dry. Emulsion used in this way, takes away the polish and, with a bit of luck, the stain along with it. 4. 3. Shoe Care - Curing Squeaky Shoes Squeaking is frequent caused by layers of leather sole rubbing together. This is especially true with men's shoes. Lubricating the soles with linseed oil, should put a stop to the squeak. Used in this way, linseed oil also has the advantage of prolonging the life of soles. However, until the linseed oil has dried, walking on carpets should be avoided. If a woman's shoes squeak, it often shows that the metal brace component of the sole has become slack. Repairing requires skilled restoration. 5. THANKS EX BEST SHOES : >>> CLICK HERE