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  1. 1. OS' .. American wedding customs _ borrow heaxiily' from: - other cultures,allovxiing vy; for great flexibility 'Vi' li: l`>"_il'iq)ilr~: llii `l it, k OglQJQIlOLr,giaiipttt this-Y,7 .P-i iiyp.V.` it!l!ltri.After tl ie bride et(i*et)ts i '_;the proposal.the gl'()()l'l`l j is expected to give the w .brides tttther a wateh.' i, "' . Xladrinis and padrtnos,which zire % speeial wedding sponsors.aet as mentors throitghottt the rsottple`s ' ` eniaigiitiinit ai id marriagi.' x ~ g The groom givig-s the bride 1:3 gold Coins ~ i/ // (las arrasi.which s_vinhi: ili7.i: ' gooi!lllClx' 1,/anil the grooms 'ability to lllilllCllliX' provide tor the hride. _ ' h".:i After the t`x(`lllllgt ot vows.the lazo.aj .e,long strand ol rosarv placed, ' 1 around the couples necks in the shape _n .. - ot a figure eight.smiboliziiig Lll iion and vprotection.The traditional wedding cake is a fruit cake laced x-vith strong rum.^. ".!1i~l"l. `|l' 'i^ llil" i lil` itttyi' i t it i:'tvriql' _iwi it i ii i ' l i I' I l '~ i ii lv,i iti' , ir i i :ii (-" Him-J:ii" "`l*. ' Wa' le "I l' i ir' _rflt l iiiw i:1:1) i_.iii "`ll' l ~-' : i: l wil ii ii ~ l ~. :i ritte:^ ii r li!": $~. "il i l' n i I" : i *HJ ij.isi' inn 't: x-i ir i r 'lli ii" r'ii"r: i' ia. t l| Il_-il' ~"`lh{_{ .' ivii" t" |i'-' t i ` Q.,_ - ,v 'ii l n W.t lx.t?Under the groonTs The brimi"3i$`2f? {2ti33l ineorporates a conqrct " - piece of lace from _ n;nrrqtlc gr the her mother's own.. i'' . VCHUC using /Coconut r " f t . ^. LJ viri' I i 'i - The txvi) l-'-lll`llll(`S eonic' together to (`(`| ("l)l'^ll(` the ttpetiiniitg weiltting.Gi tests wear _xielloxxrz and other bright colors.The bridels _ heinils are painteil with het ina.; "'_, hr .t *. *'; I""t*il -Considered the main wedding . W , _ M i lievent.baraat is hosted by the bri('le`s gits* l laimilv* and ineliiil(rs a feast and a holv ,i _.j. _ C`(`l`(`lll(_)ll_X' tNikah) wheriin the bride Filld* N "' ` _ . i _,groom are (l(`("l`rlr("(|hUShil id ai id wife.`~` `"l 'x 'With t" - This ev'etit is hosted bv the groom and his lainily" ; ii'i('i involves a big feast and general ll1(: "rl'l1ll(? l'll. rit i' tiD-'rng m?t Female friends 5al3al3di hCpre-vx-'eclcling apply hcnna exchange ofCeremony,paintings to the xiovxis,is the mostiii Caucd nandal)brideshands.mporan Da Ofmuhurat.t the Ceremony. the l)ri(le and groom are 1rubbed vx-'ith p 1 ael r . -, . i; i - i;in' k. u : ut n' iii,ist:~' Hira.c. for smooth skin. `1%/ `VV"". K` slu t't I'll! !! n it:"`*'t' V , ~ t iii " 'Il ti' ilti a iz-irit ie -u l ` j; h iii -llll ..ili-r ni'.t -j a l l ` ' n t iiii lt:Ld ` tiutig Q) ,1 I ` i' l l" i] i;i` i i' 51 t t"i". ?'ii1l~l= ): li : mir l m ii'i n Li.ti* 3' i i l in "It "FIT i. ..1' i' i' 'M's rt i it's i: : ismit" i i I tart:'i ici vt 3,5 im ii* Ft""l"}_1"-`3r"-I"t:l a met! ! |icmq L;~~"Ii' i' I"m i t:ii' i' l` `l i ? t- i-fi i; t,l ii l` l i, . i-ri r' -*%l"t l i:ruit:i li il" i"i't-:if!II* l : i wiki i ritit* i i i -~ iv-: i h" ii' `i"i~ l' t:"er 1 .', i i - l"th im;i- ,l'= i*':i i v : i : i: Gr:2 i l" m t Il' : iwi ft i " I'5'-~"`t"i i i* i"i i'~ "l i~ ii' ui" l i "::ci tl'. . . u fr/ ' p,1 ~ - The brtde is palDlCd white (7 `~ ' to signifv that she is ai a pure n iaii ien.w I. .-i*E The bride also wears an elaboratehood to hide her horns of jealousy. "5371111 iolizing her Lirge to bircome an (ibeilient.gentle xxiile. T-_Y ' San-sain-kutlo - T he groom and the l)l'l( le take three separate sips of rice wine front (lifferent cups.The sake isthen offered to their faimilies to syml iolize new bonds. south , iorea Sottth Korean Weddings otleit start with a ntore inoi lerii Western (`("l'(`lll()ll_x~' before | )r(')(`(`(`(. llllg to a smaller traiditiiii tal eetetiiiittv. 'l`ra(_litionaillv.a man wishing to inarrv a woman would provide her parents with a pair ot live _geesir 'Todaxz the geese have been replaced b_v a pair ot Wooden (tricks.svntbiilizing the bride and groom. The bride and groom seal their union bv drinking a stiecial rice wine potired into a hlll-_g5OLlfCl. . Xt the end ot tl ie traditional paebaek ceteriion):the parents throw dried (titles at the cotiple.The coitple holds an ('l'lll)l`Ol(lt'l`((l sheet betxvec-n them.The niintber ot' dates they catch indieates the number' ot' chiklreii thev will have. ? s'ne German Xithen a German girl is born,the family* pianis several trees in her honor.COlTlC we(lding (lay.the trees are sold.and the tnoiiety' is itsed for her (lowry. Friends and family also print a wedding newspaper.featuring pictures and articles about the couple.The paper is sold at the wedding.and the money goes toxvard the honeymoon. 'taai lllwvlvytln 'iaaW : riui : inrig : i if`l g" idl' iiitv`l":*ivirvia451% t ,, g l l 3e __. . _ _ g;_. .'. _ v w;7 o -"`. "`F7 x 31, t l A K/ l ~ ` l _.Pl ir;gitt l i: iii I tl:hit.iii;:M i,iJ/ x-af A v* V' *ilt- I" vi' ie' Lll-i i : z- i` _Wifi itt.isi th'.:i iVl 7 - v-jvtali - MIL-t;irm.`iii _ _ . __ _ _ _ ___ it Il r ) v* ttlitit' rttiti iii' V 'i/l ': *ttl'l*~'ii th' ii ti i ir" _ i.'v. l t. :1t_ii:i l tt ir l _, _ , . l _ tl ' ,ui* ._ . , in:t; < ir tl i' : riitlitis til vi lt htillt m' rlllil lilllil-ltitsti / literally translating to "ltlnfS . Nr-learning "(-')"6Xv'(: 'ilr, " the rump. X~"()(ll()l'l(| l')' is a gift taitntiiinasi) is a gitt given to the given bv the groom to the bride`s brother,trziditionzillv meant bride`s patretits as a siggn of 2.15 a (leeov to (listrict hiin from respect and gratitude.the sorrcivx' of losing his sister.e!k l,i lt Hi it '. .:'i l *a , Hl L' g' Li H'.Il [l IC . Xli f. . Ltg. _Lili ii it i : a 5Friends and tiamlx* tie a Knot in _ n lront ol' the wedding Chapel as a .O IF sign ot the tiexvlyxveds union.~ t . l_ At the end ot' the wedding reception.` Italians will often break glass.The number ol' glass shards (letermines the number ot happy' _vears ot' marriage.S;' v i i' ,i _. l .` =it i,*in Kwaza ti F" : twI. "l itii i rll' try iwgiri i,M ii ict-_ ` . Ma i i vi:ia' i "l ('*'I` Q IFJVQiIX-'il lt':*li il" mi- ` iii 'ml iictii ll:1`&"llt^'s` 9 f?Czech eioulalie0 . 3 L Pricir to the weddiirg.the bride`s friends plant ,- A a tree iii her _vard.'The tree is (l("(`0t'2ll(*(l with painted (iggshells and colortt il ribbons.l . xccoriling to lggenl.the bride will live lS long:as the tree.? n il l `. (` vi i 'n | < lLi te;( cxt" : xl : : H`lt'.L.lwl 'Ia ivi n . na i l 1. It ii' i i:l in lt ill : i l IH een;lt it liitl xx iii i.:i *ittz i' | .i *i 'st- . ii til s;rI . ii {. &:. g.. __`_ n-e!Le liti lt`i *..KH i:HElYi 'i iii' _tji Jlt l i ri ixx l'.li '.ill . l`| . tjj s] u lt it 3 9: t.ii it 't t l i..;I` I ii il,7 . .< t tin lt.ij. :_ tii likggt I ; i t,'v-iiit iii:i *x : Hi i; r:l. ~i n ii : teit ti;ilvlti ni. :), _-1t : gei g:,i : Kicfiir- lthlinitty- A ;Lit' ". l|7,: 5. t- *"`yi_ 1 _ii ritte I-friv ? ii-fi 7?:5' ai?nie* v-itli -xisftz " Wd,:, {`x l x ," f 4 l_ l, l~ll 1 llil Jill* tt':1 rzigzniutii _ v wN-'AI - i * i i r' - l ii* i*'i t-'V 411:! " th'.l ii:,rziieitu CEN: - mtL-JT .ii V* : the i` i* i-*'i'iv': Iwg- I i i~'- 34 i~ l'` Sweden '__.Sxvedish brides trailitionallx' wear three rings: i L K _', One forf ' ./marriage xOne forOne for engagencieicitlTTOl'lTCl'hOC)(l During the l'(`(`(`. `pliOll,if the groom leaxt-'es the room,~ i. _'the other men are alloxved tothe britte,_l and xiierv xiersa./ r , _L _`g: *'