Why Being Outdoors is Good for Your Health

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  • Why Being Outdoors isGood for Your Mental


  • Were all faced with stress, some havemore than others, but one truth is thatbeing outside will help us deal with it


  • A recent study by StanfordUniversity shows that spendingtime in nature can help people

    deal with depression and apersons tendency to ruminate

    about negative thoughts.

    Rumination is when you focus onsomething thats bothering youthat is difficult for you to stop

    thinking about, such as abreakup or fight with a loved


  • Those of us who live in an urbansetting may find it a little difficult to

    get away to the forest, but justwalking around your neighborhood orat a local can give you as much energyas a cup of coffee. Whenever possible,walk somewhere green like a park or

    open field because nature has acalming effect to our psyche.

  • Regardless of where yourefrom or how old you are,

    nature is appealing to everyhuman being. Being immersedin a forest, walking through a

    park, or even looking at alandscape helps us cope with

    the stress of our days.

  • While most of us need to rely on our phonesand computers for work and staying in

    contact with people, getting some time awayfrom the screens and getting back to nature iscrucial for the health of our mental wellbeing.

  • Whenever possible, try to get out of the house oroffice and into a natural setting; your mind will

    thank you for it.


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