10 Takeaways for Manufacturing Marketers from CMW 2014

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Ten powerful takeaway ideas specifically for manufacturing marketers from Content Marketing World 2014.


  • 1. Top 10 Takeaways for Manufacturing Companies Content Marketing World 2014 Bruce McDuffee Principal, Knowledge Marketing for Industry (KMI)
  • 2. #1 Place educational content ahead of product to win. #CMWorld@brucemcduffee Those manufacturing companies able to embrace the concept of content marketing by engaging with educational content and putting product second will kill it in their competitive markets.
  • 3. #CMWorld@brucemcduffee #2 Its about authenticity. Your content must be authentic. Dont pretend to educate when you really want to promote your product. Be blatant and authentic. Its ok to promote your product. Its great to educate your audience. Dont mix the two together.
  • 4. #CMWorld@brucemcduffee #3 Cover the basics first. Build a strong, solid foundation before you go off and start creating content. Write a proper marketing plan. Its hard, but it will pay tremendous dividends.
  • 5. #4 Express and agree on a Content Marketing Mission. #CMWorld@brucemcduffee Content should focus on a stated and specific objective. The objective should be from the perspective of the people in the target audience. They want to know whats in it for me? and why should I care?. Answer with your mission statement.
  • 6. #CMWorld@brucemcduffee #5 Find your content sweet spot. Your sweet spot is the intersection of a pain or passion common amongst your target audience with the particular expertise of your firm. It is best if this expertise is not the production, but is the supporting knowledge of the experts.
  • 7. #6 Product marketing fails where educational marketing sails. #CMWorld@brucemcduffee Product marketing (promoting the features of your product) does not work to engage with your target audience. Test this yourself. Promotion of educational content will always do better than product content.
  • 8. #7 People dont care about your product, your company or your CEO. #CMWorld@brucemcduffee Even the people who will eventually buy your product dont care about the product. They care about what it means to their situation. When you unlock the answer to what they care about, youve unlocked the secret code to getting their attention, trust and most likely their business.
  • 9. #CMWorld@brucemcduffee #8 Become the go to resource. If you are able to position your firm as the go to resource for a problem plaguing your audience, you win. Its that simple. Give the people in your target market what they want, when they want it and how they want it.
  • 10. #CMWorld@brucemcduffee #9 Get TOMA and go to the bank. Educational content marketing gets you TOMA (top of mind awareness) and credibility. With TOMA and credibility, when the day comes around and a person in your target audience is ready to buy, they buy from you and might even pay a bit more.
  • 11. #10 The window of opportunity for manufacturers is wide open. #CMWorld@brucemcduffee Manufacturing executives are laggards when it comes to adopting modern marketing ideas like content marketing. The manufacturing companies who support educational content and who elevate marketing to a strategic pillar of the business will take market share from the laggards. The question remains, will it be you or the other guy who seizes the opportunity.
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  • 13. I can help you get TOMA in your business. Knowledge Marketing for Industry (KMI) is a freelance consulting firm where I help manufacturing companies achieve top of mind awareness and credibility in their market space by educating the people in their target audience. Manufacturing companies I have been able to help have achieved as much as 30% annual growth rates. Please contact me if you would like to discuss educational content marketing, generating TOMA & credibility and taking market share from your laggard competitors. #CMWorld@brucemcduffee www.knowledgmktg.com bruce@knowledgemktg.com