10 technology marketing trends 2014

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Key techniques and trends of marketing to follow in 2014

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  • 1.10 technology marketing trends of 2014!

2. 10 Technology Marketing Trends to Watch Presented by Unspun Consulting Group 3. 10 Technology Marketing Trends to Watch Trends Why They Matter Questions & Answers 4. Your TakeawaysWhat do you want to get out of today? 5. 10. Better Browsers 6. Browser Market Share 7. Browser Trends 8. 9. Design Rules 9. New Web Design Rules Forget the fold HTML5 and CSS3 Using typography as a design element Large Photographic Backgrounds Designing for Touch Screens, Not Mice 10. muskegonairport.com 11. 8. Proliferation of Mobile Devices 12. Mobile Devices Android BlackBerry iPhone iPad Kindle Kindle Fire 13. 7. Rise of the Mobile Web 14. Mobile Web StatisticsNote: The mobile web will be larger than the Internet by 2015. Source: Morgan Stanley. 15. 6. Mobile Commerce 16. Mobile Commerce Statistics One in four consumers uses a smartphone while shopping 62% are willing to buy via mobile this holiday season if prompted by specials Amazon.com sold $1 billion through its m-commerce site and mobile apps in 2010 and will sell $4 billion in 20 17. 5. Mobile Apps 18. Notable Mobile Apps Siri Kindle Scrabble USA Today MLB At Bat Pandora Dropbox Yelp! My Fitness Pal Angry Birds 19. 4. Content Delivery Shift 20. Mlive.com 21. Muskegon Chronicle e-Edition 22. 3. QR Codes 23. QR Code Example 24. QR Code Example 25. QR Code Example 26. QR Code Example 27. QR Code Example 28. 2. Social Media 29. Facebook: DD 30. Facebook: Muskegon Museum of Art 31. Twitter: NY Times 32. LinkedIn 33. Company Listing 34. Foursquare: Pints & Quarts 35. Foursquare: Pints & Quarts 36. Social Media Campaign: Starbucks Deals focused on improving sales and awareness: Free pastry day got publicity for their non-coffee offerings. Mayor deals often provide discounts on new products. Tax days free coffee promoted recycling part of the brands greener image. Publicity in the tech and social media worlds.Source: Mashable 37. 1. Cloud Computing 38. Cloud Computing Cloud computing is the delivery of computing as a service rather than a product, whereby shared resources, software, and information are provided to computers and other devices as a utility (like the electricity grid) over a network (typically the Internet). 39. What is the Cloud? 40. 10 Technology Marketing Trends to Watch 1. Cloud Computing 2. Social Media 3. QR Codes 4. Content Delivery Shift 5. Mobile Apps6. Mobile Commerce 7. Rise of the Mobile Web 8. Proliferation of Mobile Devices 9. Design Rules 10. Better Browsers 41. Want to monetize your products quicker? Let Unspun be your partner! Write to us today @