26 Things Inbound Marketers Will Never Say

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Text of 26 Things Inbound Marketers Will Never Say

  • 1. 1 I wish we could track where these leads are coming from.

2. Did you guys pick up the trade show display?2 3. Did you see our new Yellowbook ad for 2014? 3 4. We got 2% conversion on our $5000 direct mail campaign. 4 5. Ive been thinking we should do a Coffee News ad.5 6. I still like to read my paper every morning.6 7. Lets go knock on some doors. 7 8. Anyone know any good telemarketing firms?8 9. Just throw them all in the bcc: line. 9 10. Did you change the message on our LED sign?10 11. Just send the Google ads to our home page. 11 12. Our clients arent on social media. Theyre baby boomers.12 13. Which jingle do you like best for our radio spot?13 14. We should just load up on TV commercials during the NCAA. 14 15. Have the interns blanket the parking lot with flyers.15 16. Where is that zip code directory? 16 17. I seem to have misplaced the latest copy of the Do Not Call List. 17 17 18. Did you check the QR codes on those postcards before they went out? 18 19. How much did we pay for that full page magazine ad? The ad or the design? 19 20. The latest studies say park benches outperform billboards. 20 21. What did we budget last year for koozie giveaways? 21 22. If we could just get picked up by Good Morning America. 22 23. Lets make a video and autoplay it on our homepage. 23 24. Set it up on Google Blogger for now.24 25. Outbound marketing is making a comeback.25 26. Time to step it up. Let's go for that full page Yellow Pages ad this year. 26 26 27. For more information about inbound marketing visit our website. We hope you enjoyed some laughs.