30 Quotes Every Startup Marketer Should Know

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  • Dont bunt. Aim out of thepark.

    Aim for the company ofimmortals. David Ogilvy


  • Make your team feelrespected, empowered andgenuinely excited about the

    companys mission. Tim Westergren


  • Product Second.

    "Marketing First.Rand Fishkin


  • You cant beeverything toeveryone but

    you can besomething to


    Drew Davis


  • You have brilliance inyou, your contributionis valuable, and the artyou create is precious.

    Only you can do, andyou must. Seth Godin


  • A year from now,

    you'll wish you hadstarted today Karen Lamb


  • Peopledont buy

    what you do,they buy

    why you doit.

    Simon SinekArtMapInc.com

  • Build it, and they will come only works inthe movies. Social Media is a build it,

    nurture it, engage them and they may comeand stay.

    Seth GodinArtMapInc.com

  • Were all learning here;the best listeners willend up the smartest.Josh Bernoff


  • Chase thevision, notthe money;the moneywill end upfollowing

    you. Tony HsiehArtMapInc.com

  • If you build ityoumay still need GoogleAdWords.

    Jennifer MesenbrinkArtMapInc.com

  • Leverage thestrength that youhave: that no oneelse can be you. Todd Wheatland


  • Going viral is not an outcome; its ahappening. Sometimes it happens;

    sometimes it doesnt.

    Just remember, fans are vanity andsales are sanity. Lori Taylor


  • No growth hack, brilliantmarketing idea, or sales teamcan save you long-term if youdont have a sufficiently goodproduct.

    Sam AltmanArtMapInc.com

  • Be undeniably good. Nomarketing effort or social mediabuzzword can be a substitute forthat.

    Anthony VolodkinArtMapInc.com

  • If thingsare not

    failing, youare not

    innovatingenough. Elon Musk


  • If youre co-founder orCEO, you have to do allkinds of tasks you mightnot want to do If youdont do your chores, thecompany wont succeedNo task is too menial.

    Elon MuskArtMapInc.com

  • In a crowdedmarketplace,

    fitting in is afailure. In a busy

    marketplace, notstanding out is the

    same as beinginvisible.

    Seth GodinArtMapInc.com

  • Remember to listen.

    Proactive listening is by farthe most underused onlinemarketing tactic. Jason Falls


  • Invest inphenomenalcontent.



  • Remember that theres aperson on the other side, whohas a life full of commitments,stresses, activities anddeadlines.They are not thinkingabout your brand 24/7, despitethe fact that wed love them to.So we have to insert ourselvesinto the conversation and addvalue to their livestheircomplete lives not just the partthat affects the brand." Jim Joseph


  • The best way to builda brand is to payattention to customerneeds, create betterexperiences, and thenlet the customer sayhow great thoseexperiences are.

    Brian ClarkArtMapInc.com

  • The only way towin is to learn

    faster thananyone else.

    Eric RiesArtMapInc.com

  • The best way to predict the future isto create it. Peter Drucker


  • Good marketers see consumersas complete human beings withall the dimensions real peoplehave. Jonah SachsArtMapInc.com

  • Theconsumer is

    not amoron; she

    is yourwife.

    David OgilvyArtMapInc.com

  • Instead of usingtechnology to automateprocesses, think aboutusing technology toenhance humaninteraction. Tony ZambitoArtMapInc.com

  • If you get bored withsocial media,its because you

    are trying to getmore value than

    you create.

    Fast Company Staff


  • Nothing begets creativity

    like constraints."

    Christopher Mims


  • Marketing is nolonger about the

    stuff that youmake but about

    the stories youtell.

    Seth Godin