5 easy ways to optimize your event webpage

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1. 5 Easy Ways to Optimize Your Event Webpage 2. 2 Consider these five easy ways to optimize your webpage. Putting together a knockout event webpage can be tough. You want to optimize your webpage but its not as simple as throwing a few click here buttons and watching the attendees pour in. Theres many components & elements to take into consideration, youll need a strategic approach. 3. 3 Its unfortunate but true, we all judge books by their covers. Your brand matters, and your brands personality on your event & your marketing campaign matters too. People who land on your site like to see images, buttons, and product options. 1) Show Personality Having an established personality is an essential part of an events page & a businesss success. As an example check out the SweetLife festival homepage. Its both simple & minimal (which we will get to next) and also has personality that comes across to the audience. 4. 4 By that we mean keep the design on your webpage minimal. Simplicity is a best practice for a reason. It is better to have no distractions, and to keep your page as calm and spacious as possible. Avoid having more than 3 colors, & try limiting fonts to just one. Keep it simple for your customers to sign up and register. But like any other practice, it should be always be tested against your audience.(For more information about how YOUR audience will react, and whats best for them, give us a call) 2)Keep it Minimal 5. 5 When choosing images, avoid the cheesy, obvious stocky photos. People want to see real photos of your event, your guests, and your brand. Many businesses will use images that are super obvious stock photos we all know them, the ones with painfully fake smiles in order to capitalize on this smiley faces, images of audiences practice. People know fake, stock photos when they see them, use real photos of your event & your audiences. 3) Keep it real WRONG! 6. 6 It will make the price seem a lot less intimidating for customers. So on your website, this sometimes means waiting until the bottom of the page to include your price or even saving it for after your customer clicks-through to continue the registering process. 4) Dont bring up pricing! Any good salesperson will tell you to never reveal the price of a product or an event too early. The price is nothing more than a gure until youve been able to rst establish the value of your service or event. Build up the value of your event, displaying highlights & photos of past events, and getting your audience excited for this years eventthen nally reveal the price. 7. 7 Use Calls to Actions! This might seem like a no-brainer, but research suggests that 80% of small B2B business websites lacked a call-to-action as recently as 2013. That sounds crazy, right? They werent losing out on sales or attendees because their calls-to-action were poorly written but they missed out simply because they failed to ask for the sale. Keeping that in mind, theres a few tips that help when using CTAs. 5) Use the CTA force 8. 8 Keep it Colorful Keep your Calls-to-Actions colorful! This ties in with your brand & your sites personality. Use contrasting colors from your website. and keep it simple. Keep your CTAs Social If customers are fans of your event and your content, there is a good chance theyll be interested in future content & events. Make it easy for them to follow, include call- to-actions for each of your social media channels. Ride the CTA Slide With many sites you may notice that a CTA slides int he bottom right corner when you almost hit the bottom of the page. Its another way to help your visitors sign up, register, follow, etc. The latter types of CTAs cover up the page and often times will not allow you to read whatever content is on the page thats annoying. The slide-in CTA is a great alternative to re-engage the viewer while allowing them to continue scrolling or reading. 9. While some of these practices have been proven to work best every brand is different, every event page is different, & every website visitor is different. What fails for 90% of businesses might prove successful for yours. Youll never know until you start challenging the cookie cutter practices and gure out exactly what works for your audience & event. And remember, the best way to do that is with data. If youre having trouble understanding, or putting your event data to use, let us know! EventKlouds software is built to process event data and use to get results. Test, Test & Repeat 10. QUESTIONS? For more info on best practices & event marketing Subscribe to our newsletter Join our next webinar Interested in learning more about our event marketing platform? Lets talk! (855)438-5568 Check out our blog Visit us! eventkloud.com REQUEST A DEMO!