5 holiday marketing tips for small businesses

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5 Holiday Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

5 Holiday Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Holiday marketing tips to get your business the most out of the season.

Smell that? Its the holidays coming up and you can already feel the rush of the upcoming Santa posts and holiday jokes and even your favorite Christmas movies and Holiday Marketing tips that everyone enjoys.

Even if youre in a small business whether you own one or you are an employee in one, this type of year can be one ofthemost stressing times of yearwith tons of employees going on vacation leaving with mounds of work piling up.

Instead of turning this season intoa stressful dilemma, integrate these tips that business owners should implement whether online or even inyour outbound campaign.

1.Write about the Holidays!

Of thetop waysof gaining traffic to your website and producing sales, is the idea ofcontent marketingwhich is the idea of attracting customers by focusing on the experience they have on your site. How can you implement this strategy into your current marketing campaign? Some ideas are listed below.

A story of your company that might have occurred during the holiday season

Stuff that your company is doing for non-profitable organizations (such as your favorite charity)for Christmas.

What your company might be doing for the holiday season that is different from what any other company is doing?

Produce interesting content that is holiday friendly and appeals to your general audience. Example. Why you should buy a lawnmower this Christmas

Remember that in this tip, you are focusing moreover on the customer experience, rather than promoting your product right away.

Make sure after creation of this content, youoptimizeit well to ensure it is well seen.

2. Use Eye Catching Holiday Themed imagery in your Ads

By using Eye catching holiday imagery, you can use this to your advantage in making an impression on the customer, once you have their attention. Youhave their attention, now keep their attention with the holiday content marketing that you have created.

As stated, your audience will associate your content and ads with the feelings of Christmas. Yay!

Hubspotoffers a good amount of Holiday Themed Stock Photos.

3. Implement Holiday colorsinto yourWebsite

Whether you like it or not, according toWashington Post, 9 in 10 Americans celebrate Christmas.

Producing the average every day product that you sell on the shelf everyday isnt gonna getas much traffic to your site or tractionas the same product except in a more holiday version. Spruce it up by putting a few holiday colors in your product that appeal to customers in this way that encourages them to associate holiday colors with your product. Below is listed a few things that people associate with Holiday Colors.

Red: emotion, passion, trust, love.

Purple: Royalty, glamour, power, romantic.

Green: trust, peaceful, hope, calmness

Blue: comfort, faith, conservative, confidence

andwhat else is associated with the holidays? Buying? Oh

4.Send a Personal Holiday Email to customers

Whether it be a handwritten note shipped to their address with homemade gingerbread cookies or even an email to show appreciation for your customer base, this is an important part of also keeping your customers happy. Offer your customers a special discount for the holidays or even a personalized greeting which can make all the difference when it comes to the holiday season.

Nothing beats a personal email that shows the customers how you are a caring company that takes time to email the customers personally during the seasons of this time.

5. Share your Holiday funon Social Media

Almost 80 Percent of the world uses social media and you can use this to your advantage. Take pictures of your offices holiday and Christmas cheer with the office party you threw or share Holiday related content to your company.

Ideas could be such as:

Sharing relevant holiday material related to your product

Special holiday social media discount

Tips to follow related to your product during the holiday

The whole idea here is the use of association and how you can use that same good feeling event of the Season to use with your marketing to promote your customer base to its potential.

Take advantage of these holiday marketing tips and build high quality content related to the holiday season this December to ensure a great season for your customers and your traffic.