6 Things Mortal Kobat Can Teach You About Marketing

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Marketing and Mortal Kombat On June 2, 2014 NetherRealm Studios announced the next installment of the series Mortal Kombat. An entire generation of adults can conjure up memories of smashing buttons for hours playing the fast paced fighting game. From looking back at those memories of my own childhood, Ive realized that Mortal Kombat can teach you about marketing. Here are six things I learned about marketing from my childhood playing Mortal Kombat. See the full blog post at: http://www.prospectmx.com/6-things-mortal-kombat-taught-marketing/


  • 1. 6 Things Mortal KombatCan Teach You About Marketing

2. 1. Dont SpamWe all remember that person who picked the samecharacter every time, this is the same with marketers whofind that one tactic that works for them and use it againand again. By trying a newapproach it canincrease conversationand improve customerengagement. 3. 2. New CharactersNew characters were introduced every editionof the game, which forced players to evolvetheir fighting styles that had previouslyperfected. In marketing there are alwaysnew trends and ideas that betterthe industry. In order for markers to stayrelevant they must get out of their comfortzone and get creative. 4. 3. PracticeAs kids we would spend hours trying to pull off the perfect 6hit combo to get the timing down perfectly. As marketers wemust spend the sameamount of timeperfecting ourcareer and craft. 5. 4. Use Your SurroundingsMortal Kombat gave you ample ways to use the stage toturn the match in your favor. A large part of marketing isbuilding a rapport with clients and customers.. Using any tools orrelationships you haveaccess to can make thedifference in your marketingstrategy. 6. 5. Mistakes Can be turned intosomething Awesome!The character ERMAC came to life froma mistake and rumors. At work we allmake mistakes. Try turning it intosomething positive or useful,and the mistake itself could potentiallybe what your client neededand never knew. 7. 6. FINISH HIMEveryone aspired to get a fatalityto have bragging rights to feel likethey accomplished something.While its important not to cause afatality in the marketing industry,we want to pull off a big winfor everyone involved in amarketing campaign. 8. See the Full Blog Posthttp://www.prospectmx.com/6-things-mortal-kombat-taught-marketing/