6 Tips to Create Killer Insurance Marketing Strategies for Your Website

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  • 6 Tips to Create Killer

    Insurance Marketing

    Strategies for Your


  • So youve got a stellar

    professional website for your

    brokerage, but without the

    right marketing strategies

    in place, whos going

    to see it?

  • If you can play your digital marketing cards right, your website has the potential to be a virtual magnet for clients.

    So its time to start attracting quality leads, retaining

    visitors with high quality content and simultaneously

    establishing your brokerage as an industry leader.

  • Heres six killer tips to keep in

    mind when

    planning your online marketing


  • Firstly, its crucial to build up your evergree


    content - thats SEO rich content that stays


    for both regular and new users.

  • It makes far more sense to attract visitors by producing great evergreen content and rank organically on the first page of Google

    Rather than having to pay every time someo

    ne clicks on an

    advert and lands on your website.

  • Research shows that today's insurance buyers are more likely to make a purchase from a brand that creates custom content.

    So publishing original content makes sense in terms of your

    financial resources and it will almost certainly be more


  • Secondly, using effective keywords really he


    people find your website.

  • Think about the phrases that your potential buyers and current customers may use when web browsing and do further research to confirm your assumptions.

    Use a combination of short and long-ta

    il keywords, as well

    as associated terms and varied syntax.

  • There are quite a few keyword tools out there such as Google Adwords, Moz Keyword Explorer, Keyword Discovery and Majestic SEO.

    They will help you to discover the se

    arch terms you need

    and gather the necessary data.

  • Thirdly, make sure youre creating value for a

    specific target.

  • Every piece you produce should answer a relevant question for one of your buyer personas.

    What you publish needs to help build awa

    reness of the

    issues and problems that your buyers are

    facing and provide

    the specific guidance they are searching f


  • By ensuring that each piece is relevant in this way, your

    evergreen content never loses its value and your site

    becomes essential within the digital world.

  • Tip number four is to be consistent with your

    content output.

  • Having at least two posts ever

    y week will help to build

    traffic to your site and estab

    lish your brokerage as a leade


    in your sector of the insuran

    ce industry.

  • For a brokerage with less than ten employees, m


    this consistent level of output will make a hu

    ge difference in

    terms of website traffic and therefore increa

    se the number

    of potential leads.

  • In at number five: be aware that fresh evergr


    content leads to more social shares.

  • Content that has long-term relevance will be shared with more confidence than something that is only temporarily trending.

    Solid evergreen content will give your online presence

    a boost

    and help to build your brand on social media by d


    more readers to your website.

  • Whenever you post something new on your website, make

    sure that you announce it through your social media

    channels to immediately drive more traffic to your


  • Finally, think about repurposing your evergre



  • Reworking your blog posts into a comprehensive eBook or a useful white paper for your readers to download is a great way to offer more value to your users.

    All that research that you did for the orig

    inal article - why

    not turn some of it into an attractive infogr

    aphic or

    compelling short piece of video content?

  • So there you have it!

    Six key tips to ensure that you are using the right tools available

    To produce high-quality and targeted content that

    will has the longevity to work hard for you online.

  • Insurance Brokers Guide to Website Enhancement and Serious Lead Generation.

    Continue to learn more about creating powerful

    strategies for your brokerage by downloading our

    free guide,