8 Effective Ways to Promote Your Business Book

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8 Effective Ways to Market Your Business Book

With millions of business books out there, and thousands more being published every year, it can be difficult to make your business book stand out. But, with these book marketing tips, you'll be able to set your book apart, generate a following, and establish yourself as a leader within your field.

Many authors make the mistake of simply telling people what their book is about. It's better to explain what sets your book apart from others. Rather than selling your book, sell what it can do for readers.

1. Share The Right Message

While your book may pertain to a specific audience, there are smaller, more specific demographics and reading levels within your broader audience. Create a list of benefits for each group, so you can explain why reading your book will benefit them. 2. Relate to Your Audience

Start planning your book publicity six to nine months in advance, so you can generate more buzz about your book and make readers, critics and reporters interested in its release. By stimulating interest in your book's release, more retailers will want to sell your book, while more people will want to read it. 3. Market Your Book Before Its Release Actively contribute to one or two web forums related to your field. Web forums are a great place to connect with potential readers and position yourself as an expert in your industry. 4. Contribute to Web Forums

Avoid solely promoting your book. Be sure you are offering meaningful advice that is valuable to the forum members.

Create a well-designed author website, where readers, critics and reporters can learn more about you and your book. Your website should include your contact information, a brief biography, upcoming events, and information about your book and how to purchase it. Your website can also connect to your social media accounts, book reviews, Amazon Author Central Page, and blog. 5. Build an Author Website

Create a press kit that includes your author business card, headshot, photo of your book cover, brief biography and press release. Send your press kit to local news outlets, such as radio stations, news channels, magazines and newspapers. 6. Connect with Local Media Outlets

Once you get media coverage in smaller news outlets, you can expand your efforts to larger outlets.

Business conferences and events are an excellent way to get your name out there and position yourself as an expert within your field. Speak at the conference about a topic that will interest your audience and can be related back to your book. 7. Speak at Business Conferences

At the end of your speech, mention your new book and have it available for purchase.Social media sites are an effective and easy platform for connecting with your audience. With social media, you can connect with thousands of people who you would not have otherwise met. Create posts about topics that are interesting and relevant to your book and industry and get others to share them.8. Utilize Social Media

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