8 Ways to Improve Your eCommerce Conversion Rate

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<p>8 Ways to Improve Your eCommerce Conversion Rate</p> <p>Dear Website Owner,Lets be honest, if you have an eCommerce business there are really only TWO key factors that influence its success and growth:1. Getting the right quality and quantity of traffic to your website2. Getting that traffic to convert into SALES of your products</p> <p>In this e-book we are going to focus on number 2, as improving the conversion rate of your eCommerce website is something that should always be on at the top of your to do list. While Digital Gearbox is all about providing quality traffic to your site, theres plenty of things that you can do yourself to optimise on your website in order to increase the chance that the traffic will convert! In this ebook, weve got Chloe Thomas, founder of eCommerce MasterPlan to outline her top 8 tips for improving the conversion rate of your eCommerce website</p> <p>So without further ado, lets get started!</p> <p>Hugh Overend Digital Marketing Expert at Digital Gearbox</p> <p>1. Clear journey button coloursWhen you look at the customers journey from landing page to checkout, always assume the customer will get lost along the way! Its your job to make getting lost as difficult as possible. An easy way to help people to keep on the path to purchase is to make every button that drives someone towards the completion of a purchase the same colour and format. Ideally in a similar position on the page too. It sounds simple, but its a quick and easy change and most importantly, it really works!Make sure each type of action has a dedicated colour so a back or Continue shopping link doesnt look that same as buy or checkout.The buttons I would include are: buy now wherever it appears on your website add to cart on a product page proceed to checkout in the basket view basket anywhere on the site complete order in the checkout</p> <p>2. Call to actionsYou may think its obvious that what the customer should do on your website is buy your products. Frequently it isnt!You must always tell the customer to do what you want them to do. This means including buttons that include instructions to Buy now and not just to buy. Youll also want to make sure youve got plenty of messaging on your website reminding them that they can buy.Try including messages such as: Order today Ready to ship tomorrow Buy from us onlineAgain, simple but effective!</p> <p>3. Perpetual basketAnother way to encourage visitors to buy from your website is to include a perpetual checkout - thats a checkout thats visible on every page. Usually it will sit top right of the screen and show how many items are in the basket, plus the value of their order so far.Those customers who have added items to the basket are more likely to checkout if they can see that theres something in the basket as they travel around your website.4. Watch someone use the siteTheres no better way to improve your conversion rate than to watch someone else try to use your website! We all get very used to our own websites and forget the strange quirks that they might have, so seeing how someone else uses, or fails to use it is critical.If you have the budget, get a UX (user experience) team in to run a project for you. Or if you want to do it yourself, find some willing volunteers (who dont work for you) and set them a task on your website. Make sure you record them trying to complete it! See where they get confused and stumble then fix those issues.</p> <p>5. Revise your P&amp;P options and offer a Free delivery choiceThe number one reason people dont buy online is the delivery, and it always comes down to either the price or the convenience.A recent survey by UPS found that customers would admit to having done the following in order to get the delivery price they wanted or to qualify for free delivery: 58% added extra items to their basket 50% chose the longest transit time 47% searched for a promotional code 35% chose to have the item shipped to store 31% joined a loyalty programme 30% delayed purchase until after an offer became available 16% bought a different product instead to go over the threshold ONLY 7% said they did nothing to reduce delivery costs! To tackle this there are few simple steps to take: Make your delivery options easy to understand Survey your customers to find out what they want , and put it in place Have a next day / express delivery option Have a Free P&amp;P option with a spend thresholdLack of Free P&amp;P is one of the biggest conversion blockers so having a Free P&amp;P option will make a big difference to your conversions!</p> <p>6. Trust symbolsPeople are far more likely to buy from companies they trust you can fast track their trust in you by including some simple things on your website. These should be everywhere from the homepage to the checkout: Reviews from your customers saying how awesome you are Logos of your security certificates, and credit cards you take Any awards youve won Review scores if youre running a full review program A GOOD about us page that actually explains who you are and what you stand for.</p> <p>7. Remove the clutter from your checkoutOnce someone has entered the checkout, remove all the distractions!When a customer has left the basket and entered the checkout all you want them to do is purchase so get rid of anything on the pages that encourages them to do anything else.Remember keep them on the path!</p> <p>8. Remove the need to create an accountOccasionally removing this has a negative impact on conversion rate so test it! But almost every single time Ive seen the need to create an account removed, the conversion rate has improved.An account is great for your regular customers as they can save their address and billing details, but a first time buyer wont necessarily relish the need to waste time setting one up. So make things easy for both regulars and firsttimers; let people choose to set up an account if they want, but dont make it mandatory!</p> <p>So what's next?Well there are a number of options for you:1. Go away and implement the all the changes we outlined here so that you could see your eCommerce conversion rate significantly improve; whatever you do this is a MUST!</p> <p>2. If youve found this e-book of value then perhaps you should claim a Free Google Adwords Audit with one of our Digital Experts. Dont forget, these strategies wont be much use to you if youre not getting enough traffic in the first place!Click Here now to book this as we have a limited number available each month</p> <p>3. Do you know another business owner who has an eCommerce website that needs more traffic and conversions? If you do why not forward this report to them so they can improve their conversion rate as well?Whatever you decide we look forward to supporting your business and helping to Drive Traffic, Drive Sales and Drive Growth.</p> <p>PS If youve just skimmed this content be sure to go back and implement the 8 strategies as they will make a huge difference to your eCommerce conversion rate. Click Here for your free Adwords Audit.</p>