Advertising Campaign for Steve Madden

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Advertising Campaign for Steve Madden


  • 1. Advertising Campaign for Steve Madden Yushan Li

2. About Steve Madden A brand of shoes and handbags 100 retail stores in United States 3. Target Audience YOUNG People College students People just began their careers 4. Goals of the Campaign To increase brand awareness To take customers out of the market 5. Digital Marketing Tools Facebook fan page Website promotion (Banners, popups, etc) Emails Google AdWords 6. Big Ideas For shoes - Buy one get one free (buy one with original price and get one pair from the on sale). 7. Big Ideas Launch a mobile application Send notifications. Get 10 percent off discount when showing us their app 8. Relate this brand to social events Big Ideas 9. Budget Website design Email App development Facebook fan page Google AdWords Total: $287,512.5 10. Summery Need to maintain and adjust the budget Need to record purchases and adjust campaign Need calculations Thank You