How to build a personal brand using LinkedIn

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David Petherick

How to build a Personal Brand using LinkedInDavid Petherick

Who is David Petherick?LinkedIn Profile WriterThe Digital Biographer Born and bred in EdinburghSpeaks Russian, SpanishCo-Founder at NewsBase, 1993BBC: Worlds first Digital Biographer 2007Ex UK Editor for The Next Web 2008-9Head of Digital at EnergySys, FVL, 2011-14I make you visible, legible, credible@petherick on Twitter

Whats on for the next 30 minutes?Why does LinkedIn even matter?Why does Personal Branding matter?Ten Tips for a better LinkedIn profileFive Tips for better LinkedIn networkingConsistency, consideration, and crapTakeaway: vip@mzs.esYour questions answered

1: Why does LinkedIn even matter?400,000,000 reasons worldwide19,000,000 UK Business Professionals hereYou need to be in the same room, and talkingWhat can I do there?Showcase your expertiseGrow a network of customers, suppliers, friendsFind jobs, opportunities, contacts, advocatesWhy should I spend time with it?Learn about topics you dont know aboutShare your news and content with engaged audience

1.2: Why does LinkedIn even matter?

1.3: Why does LinkedIn even matter?

2: Why does Personal Branding matter?Still 400,000,000 reasons330,588 people with job title of Manger on LinkedInYou need to be visible and be legibleTry a Google Search for your nameIf youre not on page one, youre invisibleIs there a consistent, controlled presence?What do people know you for?Single idea of what you offer and the benefitsEasy ways to contact you or buy what you sell

2: Why does Personal Branding matter?

2.1: Why does Personal Branding matter?

2.2: Why does Personal Branding matter?

LinkedIn is now responsible for a staggering 64% of all visits from social media channels to corporate websites.Source: Econsultancy

3: Ten Tips for a better LinkedIn profile1: Forget your CVYour summary is key. Brevity, clarity, simplicity.Youre selling yourself as a useful product 2: Look goodGet the best headshot that you can. Pay a pro.Look like you mean business. Dress the part.3: Show me the benefitsTell me why it will benefit me to do business with you - precisely, measurably, and specifically

3.2: Ten Tips for a better LinkedIn profile4: Talk to meUse sound or video! Talk. The pitch and quality of your voice let me connect with you as a human being. 5: Use recommendations effectivelyHave other people tell me why it benefited them to deal with you. I can believe them immediately: it's credibility. 6: Be human...People buy people, and they buy their loves and passions. Show people what makes you tick.

3.3: Ten Tips for a better LinkedIn profile7: Tales of the UnexpectedSurprise people with something unusual and fun in your profile. I can teach you how to read Russian in 75 minutes. 8: Talk to strangersGet someone you trust to check your profile. Ill do this for you, free. Book a time at 9: Don't bury the leadUse your headline to introduce your story - and make the reader want to read the full story.

3.4: Ten Tips for a better LinkedIn profile10: Call for actionIf you want people to do something, ask them to do it.For example: If you found my tips useful, buy me a beer: If you want to talk, free, book a call at

All ten tips are explained in full detail on LinkedIn at

4: Five Tips for better LinkedIn networking1: Always personalise connection requestsId like you to join my network on LinkedIn NOFor example: I enjoyed your presentation, and would like to connect to share informationIm interested in expanding my network, and was impressed by the story you told.Weve not met, but I follow you on Twitter and would like to benefit from your ideas

4.2: Five Tips for better LinkedIn networking2: Add comments, dont just like thingsGreat article!I agree, this is so important David3: Tag people (appropriately)I enjoyed your presentation, @David and appreciated what you said about building a network. @Angus also made a great point about connecting4: Dont just share your own stuffBe generous and pay attention to others Updates that are only about you will turn people off

4.3: 5 Tips for better LinkedIn networking5: Use Advanced SearchYou can be laser-targeted in who you approach. And do this over and over by saving your search.Dont spam or bulk-message. Business is personal.

5: Consistency, consideration, and crap1: ConsistencyAlways ensure your updates are self-contained and make sense standing on their own.Its OK to repeat yourself. But not too often.Set up a Company Page. All you need is your own domain. See 2: ConsiderationMake your information useful, worth sharing, concise, and present it well. Dont be an amateur, be a pro.Mention others, acknowledge them, value them3: CrapDont publish self-promotional sales crap. Add value.

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Im David Petherick. It was nice to meet you.I will be around to talk afterwards

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