Are you Ready? Protecting Your Online Reputation

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  • Are You Ready? Protecting

    Your Online Reputation

  • Importance A negative listing on Google, Yahoo, Bing Yelp, Citi-search, Yell, Thomson Local or any of the

    hundreds of other review sites could severely damage your capacity to win new business,

    maintain current business and hamper opportunities to up or cross sell.

    Many people are researching brands, services, and products online before they make the final

    purchase decision.

    Having the trust of your clients is a major component of success. Your clients discuss their

    purchases with friends and when they have a problem they will most likely spread the word about

    their experience. The internet makes everyone a citizen journalist and you should now worry

    about negative content spreading like wildfire online. If your company suffers a loss of confidence

    in the public, there is a chance that you will never be able to turn it positive again.

    Current and potential investors, corporations, banks, and the general public are all going online to

    research your business before doing business with you. Look at investors as simply being

    consumers on a different level. These investors dont know your company well enough and will

    often make decisions on the information that is available to them.

  • Who Need Reputation Management

    Restaurants / Cafes 57%

    Hotels/B&B/Guest house 35%

    General Shops 35%

    Clothes Shops 34%

    Dentists/Doctors 27%

  • What & Where to Monitor What




    Key Executives

    Include modifiers: sucks scam kudos


    Google Alerts

    Yahoo Alerts

    RSS feed subscriptions to search results Technorati, Yahoo & Google News, BlogPulse

    Social Media via tags:,,

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