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<p>Attract &amp; Captivate Your Ideal Customers Online</p> <p>Attract &amp; Captivate Your Ideal Customers OnlineApr 2015#antenna antennasocial.caAgendaMake content, not adsPromote that contentAntennas 4 Pillars of Sharable Content#antenna antennasocial.caIn this presentation well discuss why its better to make content than ads; then well show you how to promote that content; then well end with Antennas 4 pillars of sharable content, which will help you reach your audience.What is Content Marketing?Attracting people to your brand through interesting content, rather than interrupting with a promotional messageIts about them, not your brand</p> <p>#antenna antennasocial.caThe content may not even be directly connected to your brand. Content marketing even existed long before digital marketing</p> <p>What is Content Marketing?#antenna antennasocial.caIn 1900, Andre &amp; Eduourd had a great product to sell. </p> <p>What is Content Marketing?#antenna antennasocial.caThey sold tires. Their problem was that in order to grow, they needed more people to own cars. At the time, there were only 3000 car owners in France.</p> <p>What is Content Marketing?#antenna antennasocial.caThey needed to increase the demand for cars without confusing customers about what they sold.</p> <p>What is Content Marketing?#antenna antennasocial.caThe idea was simple encourage people to get around the country by showing them where they can eat, sleep, and get petrol. They also included mechanical tips such as how to fix a tire. This eliminated any fears or doubts people may have had about traveling far or going on frequent road trips in an automobile. They promoted the experience of driving, rather than the car itself.</p> <p>What is Content Marketing?#antenna antennasocial.caThe guide was proving to be a success so they began creating guides for other countries. They began charging for the guide and removed advertisements. In 1926 it became clear that restaurants were a popular feature in the guide so they began reviewing restaurants with a three star rating. </p> <p>What is Content Marketing?#antenna antennasocial.ca114 years later, the Michelin star is sought after by top chefs and restaurateurs around the world and Michelins brand is being mentioned daily. Thats exemplary content marketing.</p> <p>Inbound MarketingUsing content marketing to invite niche audiences to your brandBuilding a relationship by adding valueThe bulk of the cost is in the content production rather than expensive ad spacePhotos: Mathew G via flickr; antennasocial.caThe Michelin guide is an example of inbound marketing using content to add value to the target audience. It builds trust in your brand, and builds the perception of a relationship. The bulk of the cost is in the content production rather than purchasing ad space.Outbound MarketingReaching a mass audience with a promotional messageBulk of cost is in the media buy</p> <p>Photos: Mathew G via flickr; antennasocial.caInboundOutboundDigitalOnline SearchAdWords, Social Media, Websites, Gated Content etc.Big BoxLeaderboardsSkyscrapersNon-DigitalYellow PagesReferralsMichelin GuideBillboardTV CommercialDirect MailSocial Ads#antenna antennasocial.caContent marketing today is used primarily used for Digital Inbound marketing to attract a niche audience, leveraging online searches. If the Michelin guys were creating the guide today, it would have been an app like Yelp except branded Michelin.</p> <p>Online Search Marketing (SEM)Digital inbound people are looking for the solution your brand providesGoal is to improve ranking on Google and Bing for specific search termsPrimarily done with content marketing &amp; AdWords#antenna antennasocial.caSearch Engine Marketing (SEM) is when a company creates strategic tactics to raise their brand in online search rankings such as Google, Bing, or even through social network specific searches such as Twitter. That means their brand shows up in first page search results for a specifically targeted search term. I searched Restaurant on twitter and the second result mentions Michelin.</p> <p>Whats the Question?Behind every search there is a user asking a questionWhat is your target audience searching for before they even know you exist?#antenna antennasocial.caBehind every search there is a user typing a question. Whats the question that your target audience is asking that your brand can answer? Imagine that the audience doesnt even know your brand exists... Looking for SolutionsGet involved in the conversation happening in the target audiences headResearch focus groups, surveys</p> <p>Photos: N I C O L A via flickr; antennasocial.caFind out what your potential audience is searching BEFORE they know about you. These could be related to a problem such as hunger or a phase of life such as buying a new car. Remember that the potential customer is looking for some sort of solution or answer.Provide Answers KeywordsMake a list of search terms related to the question &amp; answerAdd in words/phrases related to unique positionCross-reference with Googles Keyword Planner</p> <p>#antenna antennasocial.caBack to keywords, once you figure out the question or problem is, create a list of search terms related to that question and the answer. Add in keywords related to the brand or campaigns unique position. Once you have your list, get an AdWords specialist to cross reference with Googles Keyword planner. </p> <p>Use through all of your content, BUTBe authenticBe relevantAvoid extensive repetitionAdd valueProvide Answers Keywords#antenna antennasocial.caUse keywords throughout your content, as long as its relevant. If you use words that are heavily searched that have nothing to do with your content, you will be blacklisted by search engines and more importantly youll turn off potential customers.</p> <p>Provide Answers#antenna antennasocial.caProvide the answers to the customers problems without being too promotional. Do this throughout all content and determine a list of keywords that are related to the question and answer. In this example, the brand Chipotle knew their audience was searching for terms like responsibly raised meat and ethical fast food and that they cared deeply about problems of factory farming. Watch Video:</p> <p>#antenna antennasocial.caWhat is Chipotle?A taco chain owned by McDonalds</p> <p>#antenna antennasocial.caFrom that video would you know what Chipotle sells? Tacos! Chipotle does their content marketing so well, they dont need to purchase AdWords, yet. They found a niche position and owned it with a solid content strategy.</p> <p>Promote That Content#antenna</p> <p>Paid Promotion, Online#antenna antennasocial.caMost of the online paid promotions are run through Pay Per Click auctions. They are all slightly different but the general idea is that your bid and your quality score will affect whether you win the auction or not. The quality score is made up of a variety of things, but if your content adds value and is relevant to your audience, your quality score should be good.</p> <p>Paid Promotion, OnlineSegment your target audiencePick your platformsDetermine a budgetCreate contentPromote the contentA/B Test</p> <p>#antenna antennasocial.caFocus On NicheSegment target audience into niche groups to enable you to leverage their unique interests</p> <p>Photos: D.C.Atty via flickr; antennasocial.caResearch your audience its best to segment into niche groups in order to create content that targets their unique interests.Where Are They Hanging Out?Focus paid efforts in the online spaces where your niche audience is hanging out</p> <p>#antenna antennasocial.caDetermine what platforms they are hanging out on those will be the ones youll want to focus your paid efforts.Determine a BudgetThe more niche, the more likely to reach with a modest budgetThe higher the spend, the higher the reach and frequency</p> <p>#antenna antennasocial.caYou get to decide on a budget, and of course the higher the budget, the more people youll be able to reach with a higher frequency. When setting up AdWords or Social promotions such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, they will tell you your approximate reach for your budget.A/B TestingCreate slight variations to your content and test which performs betterOr test one type of content across different audience profiles</p> <p>#antenna antennasocial.caCreate slightly different versions of the promoted content to test what your niche responds to. You can also test one type of content with different audiences to help determine the niche youre content attracts.</p> <p>You can test headlines, images, use of calls-to-actions</p> <p>Content That Connects4 Pillars of Sharable ContentPhotos: lwao, Hamed Saber, Erich Ferdinand, takomabibelot via flickr;</p> <p>#1. Be HelpfulProvide amazing tips to make life easier for your audienceShare techniques#antenna antennasocial.caAs well as being the answer, you need to build community. The common characteristic that unites all social networks is that their main purpose is to build community rallying people together around a niche topic or cause. Heres how you can build community: Be helpful. Provide amazing tips to make life easier. #2. Be EmotionalPull on heart strings or be funny...</p> <p>#antenna antennasocial.caPull on those heart strings... This is why cute kittens and puppy dogs rule the Internet. Also, anything funny is an emotional trigger that has a far reach on the web, uniting people who have a common sense of humour. This can also include highlighting affiliations with not-for-profit organizations. </p> <p>#3. Feel ExclusivePeople want to belong...#antenna antennasocial.caBe inclusive but make it feel exclusive. People like to feel that they belong to an elite group. The Internet has enabled groups of people with obscure interests from all over the world find each other and form communities, from Foodies to people who love Saved by the Bell. Form a community around the love of a particular style of art or artist, for example.</p> <p>#4. Be Awe InspiringPeople love to share bizarre and quirky itemsWatch video: antennasocial.caBe awe inspiring bring a sense of wonder to your followers day. People love to share bizarre and quirky items. </p> <p>Attract &amp; Captivate Your Audience, OnlinePut effort and money into content planning &amp; production</p> <p>#antenna antennasocial.caThe best way to capture attention in todays media saturated world is by delivering the content our audiences want in the spaces they want to consume it. Figuring out what your niche audience wants before they know your brand exists will enable you to create content from keyword lists that will attract them and theyll be more likely to convert. In short, inbound content marketing is the most effective form of search marketing. As marketers, we need to be putting more effort towards strategic content planning and production rather than high priced outbound media.</p>