BASIC 101 in MLM

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Basic 101 Provides the fundamental concept and step by step formula to create a lasting success in multilevel marketing. Through 100% commitment paired with the right action steps, you will see your network boom greatly...


<ul><li> 1. BASIC 101PRODUCTIVE ACTIVITIES THROUGH 100% COMMITMENT LEVEL MASSIVE COMMITMENT = MASSIVE RESULTS </li> <li> 2. Our Mission We see GREATNESS in each individual, whose birthright is ABUNDANCE; and that wealth can be created through EMPOWERMENT &amp; service to others, using our GLOBAL proven system. </li> <li> 3. SIX HABITS OF PRODUCTIVITY TO MAKE DREAMS INTO A REALITY </li> <li> 4. Introduce New Habits in your LIFE SUCCESS HABITS for your MLM Business 1) Having the right attitude. my attitude will determine my altitude! 2) I pay to learn and continuously learn new things for my personal growth. 3) I get help and direction for the growth of my business. my upline is my lifeline! 4) I associate myself with positive people only. 5) I will always share my products and business to my family and friends. </li> <li> 5. at start you will make huge effort ! YOUR EFFORT INCOME PEOPLE 6MOS. 12MOS. 18MOS. 24MOS. 30MOS. 36MOS. EARN WHILE YOU SLEEP MASSIVE EFFORT HELP MORE PEOPLE SUCCESS lesser effort Residual Income Global Leaders </li> <li> 6. The Purpose of BASIC 101 To understand the SIX Habits of Productivity and be able to create massive results: 1) Intentional Prospect Listing 2) Effective Presentation 3) Invitation to Pay-Up 4) Persistent Follow-Up 5) Effectively Closing the Sale 6) Power Training </li> <li> 7. intentional prospecting 1. </li> <li> 8. Step 1: Why you prospect and continue prospecting? Step 2: When do you prospect? Step 3: How do you prospect? </li> <li> 9. 1. Systematically write your prospect list: a) Warm List b) Cold List c) Out-of-Town List 2. Pre-qualify your prospects 3. Connecting with your prospects a) First Call b) Follow-ups 4. Your POWER prospects </li> <li> 10. SUCCESS ACTIVITIES Your Top 20 Prospects Practice 180 Prospects TOTAL 200 NAMES Your Top 180(80%) is the PRACTICE which produces 20% Your Top 20% produces 100% </li> <li> 11. THE BLUEPRINT OF YOUR SUCCESS ORGANIZATION NETWORK STRUCTURE ACTIVITY </li> <li> 12. effective presentation 2. </li> <li> 13. a) Mastery of your Subject b) The Focus of your presentation c) Dressing-up Professionally d) One-on-One e) Home Party f) Center / Ofce dress for success... </li> <li> 14. HOME OR OFFICE PARTY The Life of Your MLM Business Sustainable for 2-4 times a week ! Leverage is Faster </li> <li> 15. invitation to pay-up 3. </li> <li> 16. 1. Share Your Personal Experience/Testimony on the First Entry-Level 2. Inviting is an Art to be Mastered Most Important is that you are Excited 3. Your Purpose is Bigger than Your Agenda </li> <li> 17. 1. Strategies in inviting your prospects 2. Keep them excited to attend the presentation... 3. When your Prospect says Yes to your invitation 4. What to do when your Prospect comes to the Presentation. INVITATION WORKSHOP </li> <li> 18. persistent follow-up and support 4. </li> <li> 19. Be Clear and Focused on your Support towards your new Partner/Leader Activity: Write 5 ways on how your mentor/coach (upline) can effectively support you. Effective Handling of Objections </li> <li> 20. effectively closing the sale 5. </li> <li> 21. 1. Self Preparation: Internal Conditioning and Power Dressing 2. Do The Set-Up 0 - Be in the appointment place 30 mins. before the time - Introduce Yourself - Acknowledgement - Agreements - Purpose and Objective - Time Frame 3. Identify Their Learning Style: Visual - Auditory or Kinaesthetic 4. Behavioural Matrix </li> <li> 22. power training 6. </li> <li> 23. TAKE NOTE SERIOUSLY Always Inspect What You Expect -Demo-Drill-Check -Open Feedback </li> <li> 24. MASTER THE 4 ESSENTIALS To be Successful and Sustainable in your MLM BUSINESS THE 4 BASIC KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS: 1) The Product and Demo 2) The Vehicle - Business Plan 3) Online Management System 4) Basic Trainings Master. by the HEART </li> <li> 25. 1) Use your Products, Love them and Share Your Story... - be a product of your product. - read materials about the products and its knowledge and benets. - move your products *massive product movement = massive people with result = massive growth of organization = massive business* </li> <li> 26. 2) The Vehicle - Business Plan Ways to Join: </li> <li> 27. WAYS TO EARN: </li> <li> 28. 3) Online Management System - Encoding - Navigate the Back Ofce </li> <li> 29. SUCCESS TRAININGS Level 1: 1) BUSINESS PRESENTATION 2) GPS (MLM) 3) NEO 4) BASIC 101 5) DEMO-DRILL-CHECK 6) WHY YOUR COMPANY? 7) MILLIONAIRE MIND </li> <li> 30. LETS REVIEW The Purpose of BASIC 101 PLANTING A SEED 1) Intentional Prospect Listing 2) Effective Presentation 3) Invitation to Pay-Up 4) Persistent Follow-Up 5) Effectively Closing the Sale 6) Power Training </li> <li> 31. SUCCESS zone winning zone effective zone courage zone danger zone comfort zone YOU </li> <li> 32. END HEALTH RELATIONSHIP FINANCES COMMITMENT ACTIVITY 80-100 TRUE CHOICE 59-79 FALSE CHOICE 40-58 DENIED CHOICE 1-39 NO CHOICE </li> <li> 33. END </li> </ul>