Basics of creating a professional linkedIn profile

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Basics of LinkedIn

Basics of creating a professional LinkedIn profile

Enhances Search Engine Optimization (SEO).Supports your traditional job search documents; shares professional information beyond your resume.Expands your network beyond first degree connections and who you know.

Importance of a professional LinkedIn profile

Profile checklist: Professional photo and header background image Background summary Focus on: (1) Who are you professionally? (2) What do you do or want to do? (3) Why are you unique? (4) What are your skills and specialties? EducationEducation level, projects involvedExperienceList down ALL ACHEIVEMENTS and projects involved!! Contact information: Email, Phone, IM e.g. Skype, WeChat, etc Public profile URL: Edit your public profile LinkedIn URL Skills & expertise min 3 skills

Background Summary & Profile Development

Profile checklist (Additional): Add your interestAwards / certification received (Other than your education e.g. Degree) Test scores Volunteering & causesPublications: Documents (Article), Media, Presentation (SlideShare)

Background Summary & Profile Development


Make sure your profile is visible to PUBLIC

More connections = More business

Getting more connections on LinkedIn

At least 50 connections to achieve ALL STAR profile.Degree of connections:1st Degree: People youre directly connected to. Can directly be connected by LinkedIn message. E.g. Colleagues, news & existing customers, your friends2nd Degree: People who are connected to your 1st-degree connections.Can be connected through InMail or an introduction. E.g. Mutual friends3rd Degree: People who are connected to your 2nd-degree connections.Can be connected through InMail or an introduction. E.g. Friends of friends

Definitions of LinkedIns connection

Networking at eventsJoining GroupsDuring recommendations / endorsements of skills & expertise among your own network

Other ways of getting more connections on LinkedIn

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