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    We are a team of young and enthusiastic technology professionals. We mergetechnology with creativity to create a robust solution. Employee Tracker is thebrainchild of the same methodology we follow.

    We focus on using technology for MANKIND. We strongly believe that technologycan be best used to solve our day to day problems.

    About Us

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    We have observed that there is a wastage of productive time by field force acrossorganizations leading to huge loss of productivity & revenue.

    It has been noted that the field force waste anything between 18-20% on nonproductive functions like social media, time pass at Kitli, sleeping or resting at home,wasting time with friends, watching movies etc and all these activities take placeduring office time. At times while claiming their conveyance allowance, employeesoverstate their kilometers than actual traveled leading to non productive expense forthe employer.

    We have created Employee Tracker to arrest this wastage of time & eventuallyincrease the productivity for the organization. With Employee Tracker you can monitorand examine the time and movements of your staff in the field. You can also find outthe exact kilometer an employee has travelled in a day with a route map toauthenticate the same.

    Objective of Employee Tracker

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    Location Tracking

    Device Information

    You can perform live tracking of your sales staff. With Employee Tracker, you makesure people working in your organization reach places on time, complete tasks ontime, take the right route to reach the destination and they dont waste time.

    Get detailed information about the smart phone device that your employees areusing. You can request data anytime to use this feature of Employee Tracker.

    Features of Employee Tracker

    Running AppsEmployee Tracker enables you to monitor all Apps installed on your employees smart

    phone. Whenever they install a new application, you get to know all details about thatapplication and then decide whether it is related to your business or not!

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    Leads to an increase in productivity with reduction in pilferage of productive time

    Employees are conscious that they are monitored and therefore manage their calls as per schedule leading to more productivity & better customer service

    Reduces the Employers cost towards conveyance expenses as employees cant overstate their kilometers traveled

    Reduces Turn Around Time (TAT) for Employer. In case of urgent call, Employer can find out the nearest employee & can address him to attend the call in shortest possible time

    Reduces Employers time on managing a large team. Instead of calling & coordinating with them, he can mange affairs sitting at his desk right from his computer

    Employees cannot bluff in front of Employer as the tracker will not only track their movement when their internet is ON but also when internet is OFF and why it was OFF

    Benefits of Employee Tracker

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    Employer gets actual and accurate data on screen to control travel claims

    Get Starting Point, Last location and entire route chosen to Monitor Movements

    Powerful GPS technology and Google Maps will give you Real-time in and out Data

    Benefits of Employee Tracker

    In a nutshell ..

    It Increases productivity of employees

    It increases revenue for the employer

    It helps in saving Time, Fuel and Overtime Related Challenges

    It saves lot of time for HR to scrutinize & manage timesheet & reimbursement

  • Login Page

    Admin Panel FeaturesLogin Page

    User needs to login Username and Password to view live tracking & generate Reports

    Admin Panel FeaturesLogin Page

  • Admin Panel FeaturesDashboard

    Admin Panel Features

    Dashboard will show current location of all the employees

  • Login Page

    Admin Panel FeaturesLogin Page

    Tracking Tab will show employees current location OR last updated location

    Admin Panel FeaturesReal Time Tracking

  • Admin Panel FeaturesAdmin Panel Features

    User can generate Report for respective Employee.

    Admin Panel FeaturesActual Distance Report

  • Login Page

    Admin Panel FeaturesLogin Page

    By clicking on Daily Map, User will be able to see travel path chosen by the employee.

    Admin Panel FeaturesDaily Route Path

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    Configure Settings

    Enter all employees details in online system.

    Download and InstallationInstall App and Register employee via iWayTrack app.

    Monitor Data OnlineStart monitoring data using online tracking system.

    Installation Process

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    102, Ashirvad Paras, Corporate Road,Nr. Prahlad Nagar Garden, Ahmedabad 380015Phone No: 079 40099215 / 216Email : Website :

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