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Boosting Your EarningPotential as an InfluencerWelcome to today's webinar on how to boost your earning potential as an influencer. Before we get started, well quickly cover some house keeping and logistics. Todays presentation will be 30 minutes total, well talk for about 20 minutes and leave 10 minutes at the end for Q &A

As a reminder, this is being recorded, so everyone is on mute if you have any technical issues or questions, type them into the chat box and well cover questions at the end. And a reminder this is



Julianna VorhausDirector of Influencer DevelopmentTapInfluence@jlvorhausGinny LaveryInfluencer Marketing Program ManagerTapInfluence@ginnylavery

Your presenters today, are myself, Julianna Vorhaus, director of Influencer development and my colleauge Ginny Lavery who works directly with both influencers and brands

TapInfluence is an end to end software solution that connect brands like Horizon Organics, Microsoft, Shane Company, Lego, Clorox , with influencers like you, who are looking to leverage your influence and audience and authentic voice for their marketing programs. As members of our marketplace, we are giving you some insiders information today on what Brands are looking for and how they select influencers to work with. And with that, Ill pass this over to Ginny whos going to tell us what well be covering today.




Common Questions we receive how do I receive more opportunities? How do brands choose influencers?

Our goal here is to give you insight into how brands and marketers think so you can ultimately make yourself more marketable. Well cover:

How brands search for influencersWhat matters on your blog, instagram, youtube, vine etc Best practices on working with brands

Youll leave here with tips on how to boost your earning potential as a TapInfluence Influencer.


WHY DO BRANDS HIRE INFLUENCERS?TrustVery targeted audienceAuthentic consumer experienceBigger reach than brandsBetter, faster, cheaperShareableBefore we dive into the specifics, lets take a step back and start with the basics. Why do brands want to work with influencers?

Trust with readers over the evolution of your blog and social channel, you have built a sense of trust with your readers, and brands that are a fit, want to tap into that trustVery targeted audience as an influencer, you are able to connect a brand directly to you very targeted audienceAuthentic consumer experience you are a consumer too, so your experience with the product is going to be more authentic then a piece of content the brands would create themselvesBigger reach than brands youve been building your online audience for longer then most brands, so your reach is significantly bigger then most brandsYou know how to create content better, you are faster at getting it done you can produce it more economically then most brands can Shareable content.

We know why brands want to work with influencers like you. Now Ginny is going to talk through how brands search for influencers using the TapInfluence marketplace


HOW BRANDS SEARCHFOR INFLUENCERSWe know why brands want to work with influencers like you. Now Ginny is going to talk through how brands search for influencers using the TapInfluence marketplace

Brief overview of how TapInfluence marketplace works


PROFILE Picture & Bio Gender Age Ethnicities Location Kids Education

MEDIA KIT Categories Keywords Audience Data Google Analytics Social Channels Sample Content Rates

SAMPLE REQUEST FROM A BRAND: We are looking for Hispanic women between the ages of 25-35 with a college degree, parent to children ages 2-4, and a minimum monthly unique views of 25K.Brands look for specific criteria from both you and your audience. Fill out your profile and media kit completely.As an influencer in the marketplace, you are searchable by brands looking to start influencer marketing programs and build relationships with you. We work with brands from all different verticals food&recipes. Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, CPG, Entertainment, Education - etc.

Influencer programs vary in size, but many times brands are looking for high volume influencers. They might look at your profile and media kit for a quick 10 seconds make it count!

Talking Points:

Brands get very specific with what types of influencers they want for a program. Provide Examples of what a brand would search for (to emphasize the importance of categories, interests, keywords, demographics)Example: Women between the ages of 18-34, african-american, hispanic & caucasion ethnicity, parent to children ages 2-4, with a college degree

Your profile and media kit provide a glimpse into your site and content. You want to make sure it accurately represents your site, tone, personality and what you are capable of.

Review your TapInfluence profile through the lens of a brand.

About your site should contain keywords of relevant content to your site these keywords allow you to show up in searches.

Fill out your profile and media kit completely make sure to cover all topics/subtopics that your blog and/or social channel covers. Example gluten free baking, not just baking.


COMMON KEYWORDSADD THESE DESCRIPTORSParentWork from home, active, single mom or dad RecipesGluten Free, paleo, low-fat, vegetarian recipesDIYDIY interior design, home dcor, gardeningFitnessCross fit instructor, fitness enthusiast, runner, yogiTIP: REVIEW YOUR PROFILE AND MEDIA KIT THROUGH THE LENS OF A BRANDJules chime in with anecdotal story about recent request 7

WHAT MATTERS TO BRANDSThe first step for you working with brands is to get discovered, and appear in searches, the second is for the brands to select you out of all the influencers who show up in their search. Now well talk through what matters most to brands when they are selecting which influencers they want to work with. 8


We are all visual people clean layout & images leaves a positive impression. Investing in a high quality camera and photography lessons might not be a bad idea, images speak volumes when a marketer is looking at your site.

Is your content grammatically correct?Has your blog evolved over time?Are there any disconnects? Consider changing your blog name/URL to match your content?

Does your blog contain any polarizing content that might deter a brand? Many brands are family-friendly, and wouldnt want to associate with excessive alcohol/tobacco use or profanity. Is your site highly faith-based or do you regularly discuss politics? Brands tend to remain neutral on those topics.

----- Meeting Notes (4/6/15 14:40) -----Investing in a high quality camera and photography lessons might not be a bad idea, images speak volumes when a markter is looking at your site. 9

BEST PRACTICES FOR WORKING WITH A BRANDIn most cases, brands are looking to build long term relationships with influencers who are authentic, creative, professional and reliable. Ginny is going to talk about some best practices when it comes to working with brands. 10

Understand the goals and requirements of the assignment.Be professional.Know what will resonate with your readers and tell your authentic story.Meet your draft deadlines. Publish on time.Take the time to ensure you are using the platform correctly your analytics matter.


-Tell your story: brands are hiring you for your voice and your real opinions.

-If your post or social channel isnt using the correct tracking pixels and links, your post analytics wont track correctly, and you will not be identified as a high performer.


QUESTIONS?That wraps up todays presentation, we have about 10 minutes left to go over questions12