Building client trust and loyalty with engaging legal content experiences

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  • Ben Wightwick

    Product Director, HighQ@BenWightwick

  • Learning outcomes1. Context2. Challenges3. Client experience4. Digital harmonization5. Trends

  • Context

  • Trust and loyalty


  • Engagement

    1. Who?2. Build trust & loyalty3. Demand for value add services4. Competitive pressures sets high expectations5. Consumerization of everything forces change

  • Content

  • Power of content1. Client focused and value based2. Must be relevant3. Should be consistent4. Provide competitive edge

  • Types of audience

    1. Segmentation and personas2. Pressure to reduce costs AND still win3. Intense competition4. Increased focus on client needs

  • Challenges

  • Shifting legal landscape

    1. Globalization and mergers2. Pressure to reduce costs3. Intense competition4. Increased focus on client needs5. Disruptive technology

  • Age of the customer

    1. Engagement is king2. Content in context3. Demand for value add services4. Simplification of technology landscape5. Consumerization of everything forces change

  • Client experience

  • The funnel

  • Discovery

    1. Create valuable content2. Stand out from the crowd3. Demonstrate insight and expertise4. Different content types

  • Win new business

    1. Rethink delivery2. Win effectively3. Understand the business4. Demonstrate solutions

  • Latham

  • Maintain / Manage

    1. Thought leadership 2. Matter management3. Add value4. Onboarding5. Reporting and analytics

  • Expand and grow

    1. Key account programs2. Personalized experiences3. Dedicated services and solutions4. Global relationships not just the lawyer

  • Digital harmonization


    Consistent brand

    Many get it wrong Interoperability Simplification Think of content creators too


    Gary Vaynerchuk, @garyvee

    As we go more Jetsons, the

    people that act like the

    Flintstones are going to win!


  • User experience

  • Trends


    Objective: SmartLaw



    Internal External Good Bad




    Firms need a technology toolkit

    Promote the firms knowledge and expertise Provide specialist online products and services Facilitate internal & external collaboration Provide lawyers with personal productivity


    Enable knowledge sharing and best practice Provide better client service and engagement


    Learning outcomes

    Challenges The client journey Digital harmonization Trends


    Ben Wightwick

    Successful content experiences increase

    engagement, trust and loyalty by

    demonstrating expertise and focusing

    on the audience, whatever the stage of

    the sales cycle they happen to be on

    Successful content experiences

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    Ben Wightwick

    Product Director