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  1. 1. OUR PORTFOLIO (Snippets)
  2. 2. Freelancing tends to sound like an attractive opportunity to most who hear about it, even with the downsides weighed in properly. Still though, you have to be realistic about your career as a freelancer in the beginning, if you want to get off to a good start. There are a lot of pitfalls that beginners seem to have a hard time avoiding, while on the other hand you can progress very quickly if you spend a little time researching your relevant field in the beginning, and preparing yourself. Presentation matters The way you present yourself will play a huge role in the way your freelancing gig takes off. Always take things seriously, and this will reflect on your success in more ways than one. Because, on one hand, you only get to make one first impression on your potential clients make it a good one and of course youre going to get more jobs than those who dont put effort into their presentation. But on the other hand, carrying yourself like a professional, even when you arent quite one yet, can really help boost your confidence and allow you to carry more open conversations with your clients. Link: BLOGARTICLE How to Start Freelancing?
  3. 3. Why You Should Never Underprice Yourself? Pricing is always a confusing topic for beginners in freelancing, no matter what field theyve chosen. There are many ways to look at the problem, and how you approach its solution is going to play a major role in determining your future success as a freelancer. A common mistake beginners tend to make is to sell themselves short, hoping to attract buyers more quickly. And while you definitely will get more offers that way, it will also set a trend for your work which will be very difficult to get out of. Because, at some point, youre likely looking to boost your prices to what you believe are acceptable rates, right? But then, youll have to immediately drop most, if not all, of the clients you acquired at your original lower rate. And the work youve completed for them will hardly be worth anything in terms of a portfolio for higher-paying jobs. So, the answer is simple but somewhat painful youll have to grind through those first few months and hold your ground at whatever rate is acceptable for you. Dont quit your day job just yet, and treat this as the secondary source of income its realistically going to be for a good while. Link: BLOGARTICLE
  4. 4. Top 10 Android SmartPhone Apps for Better Financial Management and Smart Budgeting A good smartphone isn't cheap, especially if you care about more special features and good hardware capabilities. If you know how to use it though, it can be a wise investment that practically pays for itself in a relatively short term. Using your phone as a budget assistant is one of the best examples of this, and all you need to get started are the right apps. 1. Toshl Finance A stylish app that manages to do the impossible by making budgeting a fun activity - or at least as fun as managing numbers can get. The app features several animated characters who will work as your personal financial advisors and give you tips on how to get the most from your money. Definitely worth the subscription for the premium version. 2. My Budget Book One of the more feature-rich apps in the budgeting category, My Budget Book has pretty much everything you'll ever need to keep your finances in check. From detailed expense reports with grouping features and graphical representation of data, to very precise information on individual expenses. Planning ahead becomes a breeze when you can visualize your upcoming expenses and recurring payments in one click! BLOGARTICLE
  5. 5. Travel Gadgets: Xiaomi Redmi 1S Review Xiaomi is a well-known brand among travelers who like smart devices. They've established a solid name for themselves with several successful releases, and the Redmi 1S is a fantastic choice if you're on a tighter budget and want to make the most of it. Operating System Packed with a standard edition of the familiar Android operating system, there aren't many surprises on the OS front in the Redmi 1S. You'll find everything where you'd expect it if you're already familiar with Android, and the OS's customizability means that you can easily arrange your most important travel apps for convenient access. On the other hand, the operating system is a bit behind the main release line, so you may not always have the latest update available. Hardware While it doesn't boast any impressive hardware specs, the Redmi 1S is more than adequate for its price tag and will give you a stable, solid experience with its 1.6 GHz processor and 1 GB of RAM. You'll also get to shoot pictures with an 8 MP camera, which produces some surprisingly good results for a mobile phone, and the device is also dual- SIM, which is one of the more highly sought-after features for traveler phones. BLOGARTICLE
  6. 6. The Montcalm at The Brewery, London City Finding accommodation in London isnt that difficult its a big city, after all. However, when you absolutely must know that youre betting on good quality and service, your array of options grows thinner. If you strongly care about having a good time during your stay, and you can afford to spend a little more on your accommodation, you should definitely spend a little more time examining the more renowned hotels in the area. The Montcalm at the Brewery has been open for quite a while, and the building it resides in has been around literally for centuries. It has been extensively renovated and decorated in an exquisite, solid style that will grab your attention as soon as you step into a room. At the same time, a lot of obvious effort has gone into preserving the original aesthetic values of the hotel, and you can easily recognize elements of its older structure even on the inside. The hotel has a 5-star rating for a reason the rooms are nothing but exceptional in the quality of their decoration and available facilities. From a TV and an Internet connection, to even free food and drinks, luxurious bathing experience and anything else you can imagine your stay at The Montcalm will be underlined by a strong sense of elegance and style, and if you ever feel like youre missing something, just get in touch with the staff and youll get it nearly instantly. BLOGARTICLE
  7. 7. Accident At Work Claim No matter how safe your workplace is, you can never guarantee the complete lack of accidents and in fact, even your average office building will typically see its fair share of accidents over a year. When youre the one involved in an accident like this, you may be left feeling a bit confused over what to do. Usually, lots of questions arise in this case, and your employer may also be a bit reluctant to answer them. Is your position in the company at stake if you decide to pursue an accident claim? Can you actually prove the company was at fault at all? Is this going to reflect on the future of your career, for example in terms of other employers wanting to hire you? The situation can be nothing short of confusing, and while in most cases when someone is under stress, a good remedy is typically to get deeply involved in work, this doesnt apply so well here and this can help make the problem even worse for you. You have to keep your composure though, and remember that the law is designed to help people in your position quite a lot, so you have nothing to worry about. As long as youre sure that you did nothing wrong in the whole ordeal, of course. BLOGARTICLE
  8. 8. I Want to Scrap My Cars for Cash Help? When you first see the current state of the car scrap market, you might be left feeling a little confused and perhaps overwhelmed. There is certainly no shortage of scrap dealers to pick from, and they dont just differ in their prices, but also a whole bunch of other conditions that can make or break a deal for you. If youre just careful and follow the process in an organized manner though, getting your car scrapped should be no issue for you. Tips for getting the best price Dont pay for valuation! This should always come free with any reputable dealer. Just have a look around scrap dealers like Adios Car and other renowned names on this market, and youll quickly find that none of them charge for their valuations. Sell any valuable parts separately this includes things like tires, seat covers, battery, even the windscreen wipers; anything that still has some value left in it should be sold on its own before the car is submitted for scrap. Get your taxes sorted out immediately. You should not pay a cent on your cars taxes after youve sent it for scrap, and youll need a Certificate of Destruction to handle the process of relieving yourself from that duty. BLOGARTICLE
  9. 9. How to Best Optimize Your Content Strategy through Keywords In order to successfully market through SEO and optimize your content strategy, you need to understand how to do keyword research effectively and continuously discover quality keyword opportunities to gain a competitive advantage over your business rivals, eventually translating them into profits. You probably already know the importance of developing good keywords for PPC or SEO. What smart online marketers would prefer to hear is how to research for the right keyword phrases and content to target visitors who will actually buy their products or services. Generally, most online research guides offer these three common steps: 1. Start by building a seed list 2. Increase your list by applying available research tools 3. Refining your list with comprehensive and competitive research. However, there is a reason why certain keywords work better than others. Different keywords represent various stages showing intentions and interests, it's therefore important to categorize your keyw