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Create a Media Kit That Gets Attentionpresented by Alexandra Williams, MA and Kymberly Williams-Evans, MA of @AlexandraFunFit @KymberlyFunFit info@funandfit.orgFunandFit.orgMedia Kits From A to $$

Session Goals:Create a media kit that helps you appeal to brands and get selected for campaigns Stand out as a Power-Packaged Professional blogger

Action Items:Enter name and email on our sign-up sheet to enter giveawayTweet, post, pin throughout #BAMC15 #BoomChickaBoomers Download/ View Bonus Slides on Slide Share @AlexandraFunFit @KymberlyFunFit #BAMC15 #BoomChickaBoomers info@funandfit.orgGet answers t-What is a media kit?-Why should I bother making one?-How do I create one that is compelling, not ignored?-Can you show me examples that will inspire, motivate, educate, and elevate my media kit endeavors??

Housekeeping: Email sign-up sheet - to enter giveaway. Use hashtags #BAMC15 #BoomChickaBoomers Mention our book coming out in 2015Kymberly Williams-Evans, MAI have been helping people get an active message out via land, sea, and airwaves for 3 decades, on 4 continents, in 4 languages. My twin sister and I present, write, edit, and broadcast our fitness and writing programs worldwide. Former faculty at UCSB in both the English and Sports Studies Depts, I enjoy bringing you social media scoop with energy and fun words so you can age as actively as possible and be a Boom Chicka Boomer!


Alexandra Williams-Evans, MAAlexandra Williams, MA has been in the fitness industry for over 30 years. Certified by the American Council on Exercise since 1986, she currently teaches in the exercise studies department at UC Santa Barbara, and is also an editor and published writer for numerous magazines. Her advanced degree is in systemic counseling. She likes to bake from scratch and take photos. She may or may not have talent in these two areas.


What is a Media Kit?Sometimes called a Press Kit, Brag Sheet, or 1-Sheet, its a promotional info packet1 page; Can be up to 3For Blogs - the equivalent of a resume or movie trailerDesigned to get the interview, not the jobA Public Relations tool @AlexandraFunFit @KymberlyFunFit #BAMC15 #BoomChickaBoomers

Kym: all Ive ever learned about media kits says 2 pages max, not 3. And here are some notes that might help you:Media kits are like a movie trailer; designed to get you intrigued. You probably wont get hired from your media kit, as its more an hors doeuvre than a dinner, so keep it compact.

Media Kit - definitionwhat to include & what to leave out2-3 examples

why you need onehow long it should behow to get it seen

Bonus ExamplesExample:Tamara Grand

What Should Your Sheet Include?IntroBrand/ Image/ Style identifiers - Whats unique about your blog?Statement of what you offer sponsors/partnersLogo/Banner/ HeaderPhotosOnline Footprint - Social Media accounts/ links @AlexandraFunFit @KymberlyFunFit #BAMC15 #BoomChickaBoomers

Web/Blog Traffic StatsBioContact InfoReader/ Network Profile- Target Audience NicheAwardsTestimonialsServices You OfferPricing, Rates and Fees (maybe)

What Should Your Sheet Exclude?Pricing, Rates, and Fees (maybe)Unimpressive NumbersPublic Link (maybe)Outdated @AlexandraFunFit @KymberlyFunFit #BAMC15 #BoomChickaBoomers

Much of what goes into an Authors Media Kit for promoting a book or getting a publisherMedia Kit - definitionwhat to include & what to leave out2-3 examples

why you need onehow long it should behow to get it seen

Bonus ExamplesWhy Offer a Media Kit?Make moneyReceive services/ productsEstablish bona @AlexandraFunFit @KymberlyFunFit #BAMC15 #BoomChickaBoomers

How Can I Get my Media Kit Noticed?Its Not About YouWrite for Your ReaderMake it Pretty and CleanWhat do You Offer that Will Help Them Make Money?Services You Provide / Benefits to @AlexandraFunFit @KymberlyFunFit #BAMC15 #BoomChickaBoomers

You, not I, sometimes We. Brands dont care about you except as a buyer. They care about accessing your readers. You are a conduit. If you establish a professional relationship, theyll stick with you for other brands they represent (if theyre in PR) or when they move to another company. If you make them look good, theyll work with you again. If your media kit looks cluttered or unprofessional, theyll assume your posts will too. Emphasize your strengths (a good photographer? more pics. High numbers? More stats)Send it when PR reps or brands ask for it.Send it unsolicited. To find the right person, use Twitter. Ask, Im working on a marketing project that is relevant to you. Can you please give me the name of the contact person? And thank them. Also a good idea to tweet about that brand prior to asking, or have an established relationship via a SM account you can reference.

What If My Numbers are Small?Mighty Mouse was small. But his first name was Mighty

Ten out of 100 is the same as ten out of 10,000

Page Views vs. Reader Trust/ Loyalty

Own Your Niche - Sara Broers

Over deliver is the key. Since you cannot guarantee views or purchases, promise what you can control - a video, promotion across all platforms, personalized rather than cut and paste, your personality/ sincerity/ authentic, exclusivity to brand (over certain time or maybe certain product i.e., almond milk), analytical stats post-post!!

The challenge was to get two people w/ separate AND joint accounts all listed without overwhelming the reader. Do you think we got all the necessary info across while staying clean?Connect With Us FunandFit.orgSubscribe to our blogHire Us - Your Baby Boomer Fitness and Edu-tainer SpecialistsEmail us at info@funandfit.orgCall (805) 403-4338 @AlexandraFunFit @KymberlyFunFit #BAMC15 #BoomChickaBoomers info@funandfit.orgPerform giveaway

Bonus ExampleTo access this pin and see the kit examples, click on the image or go to my pinterest board,

Bonus Example:Katy Widrick.comBonus Example: Debi Pfitzenmaier

Bonus Example (2 of a 5 page kit): Stephanie Weaver The Recipe Renovator

Bonus Example

Bonus Example

Bonus Example