Data visualization checklist for content marketers

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Data visualizations such as graphs, charts and infographics can greatly increase the quality and attractiveness of your content, blog posts, documents and tweets. To ensure the quality of your visuals you always have to check few essential points that are sometimes forgotten and cause problems. This presentation was created to help you in this task.

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2. The definitionData visualizations such as graphs, chartsand infographics can greatly increase thequality and attractiveness of your content,blog posts, documents and tweets.To ensure the quality of your visuals youalways have to check few essential pointsthat are sometimes forgotten and causeproblems.2014 WSI. All rights reserved. 3. 1st: CORRECT FORM & LOOK2014 WSI. All rights reserved. 4. Correct form & lookAdd correct axes labels,Add title and key,Range should almost always start at 0,Remember to add appropriate sources,Different color means difference of meaningin data,Avoid red & green (for colorblind people),Check if bubble charts are scaled accordingto area (not diameter),Dont use 3D effects,Ensure high resolution of your visuals,2014 WSI. All rights reserved. 5. Correct form & lookUse only solid lines in a Line Chart,Make sure no data is lost or obscured,Space between bars in a bar chart shouldbe 50% bar width,Show only whats relevant dont includetoo much data & details,Arrange your data logically (e.g.alphabetically, chronologically),Maintain similar style in the wholedocument.2014 WSI. All rights reserved. 6. Correct form & lookGraphics: WSI - We Simplify the Internet 20142014 WSI. All rights reserved. 7. Correct form & lookGraphics: WSI - We Simplify the Internet 20142014 WSI. All rights reserved. 8. 2nd: TECHNICAL TIPS2014 WSI. All rights reserved. 9. Technical tipsRemember to check those technical tips:Blog Size your images only as large as yourblog content width. Do not scale your graphs too small.Newsletter Check different browsers ANDmobile.TwitterFacebook Adding graph to tweets can greatlyincrease your conversionInfographics Most infographics have width of 600-1100px and height of 2000-5000+pxbut there is no strict ruleSlideshare Ensure high resolution and readability2014 WSI. All rights reserved.Source: 10. 3rd: AUDIENCE & CONTEXT2014 WSI. All rights reserved. 11. Audience & contextAlways consider your audience will theybe able to decipher your graphs andunderstand them. For example a box-and-whiskersplot is difficult for many people tocomprehend.Source: WSI. All rights reserved. 12. Audience & contextYour visualizations should always berelevant to the rest of your content,Dont place too many visualizations in onedocument it will only make it harder toread,Use similar fonts across the wholedocument.2014 WSI. All rights reserved. 13. 4th: MOBILE EXPERIENCE2014 WSI. All rights reserved. 14. Mobile experienceIn our mobile world it is crucial to create a mobile-friendlydocuments and data visualisations. Alwayscheck your work on a mobile device.Source: WSI - We Simplify the Internet2014 WSI. All rights reserved. 15. Let my dataset change your mindsetHans RoslingThank you for your attention!Feel free to share, comment or contact me:michal.krajewski@wsifirmawsieci.pl2014 WSI. All rights reserved.