Driving brand awareness on LinkedIn

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  • Driving brand awareness on

    Marketing Forum: 25th May

    Source: LinkedIn Marketing Solutions. LinkedIn Content Marketing Tactical Plan, A daily playbook for successful content marketing on LinkedIn

  • Does your BID make the most of LinkedIn?

    Amongst all of the content you are producing and distributing throughout all of your social channels, you might have overlooked the most powerful platform for B2B and high consideration B2C marketers: LinkedIn.

    - Alex Rynne. Associate Content Marketing Manager.

  • Example of a content marketing plan on LinkedIn


  • The B2B value Company pages build relationship with existing customers by featuring

    relevant content. Using a link increases your engagement by up to 45%

    Slideshare attracts more than 70 million unique visits a month. Use it to share BID presentations, infographics and Podcast recordings. Dont forget to feature a link back to your BID website.

    Publishing updates (i.e. industry trends, BID news) not only shows transparency with your B2B audience but also increases your brand awareness to both your targeted and broader community. 130,000 posts a week are published on LinkedIn.

    LinkedIn groups show thought leadership and community and positions you as a helpful and interaction organisation.

    Pulse is a great way to increase brand visibility through engagement.

  • What to expectSession 1: Key principles, making the most of the tools and how to customise your profile

    Session 2: How to create an engaging profile for your targeted audience

    Session 3: The possibilities of the Company page and how to market and promote your content


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