Driving Graduate Student Search with Marketing Automation Programs

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  1. 1. DRIVING GRADUATE STUDENT SEARCH THROUGH INNOVATIVE MARKETING AUTOMATION PROGRAMS FEBRUARY 24, 2015 MindFireInc Educational Webinar Series Creating marketing that drives results
  2. 2. Ask any Question
  3. 3. Agenda How Direct Development created a unique approach for the University of Alabama to match grad student prospects to the ideal program for their needs. Met the Universitys challenge of finding a better approach for connecting with their target audience Delivered a cross channel marketing program including personalized, microsite of choices for each student Based on their interest areas, created an On Demand, Printed, Variable Viewbook, fully personalized to each applicants specific interest areas Showcase the multi-version approach with the many options each student experienced Q & A
  4. 4. Todays Presenters Tony Fraga Joe Manos Director of Client Services Executive Vice President Direct Development MindFireInc
  6. 6. Coaching Tip This month I was working with one of our customers on a new, innovative program that we were going to showcase for their large Healthcare customers One of the top customers they work with informed them they were going to create a new card program in house
  7. 7. Surprise, Surprise, Surprise The program they were going to create was very similar to what we were going to proposejust not as complete I have been pushing our customer for six months to bring the proposed program to all of their customers to test the waters The customer was too busy to make it happen
  8. 8. What can we learn from this? All of your customers are looking for innovative approaches to achieve their business objectives Be the first one in the door with these new approaches to business improvement and you will be rewarded, many times over If you dont, a competitor will or worse yet, they will create it themselves (at a greater cost and with less capability)
  10. 10. About Tony Fraga Tony Fraga Director of Client Services Direct Development Fairfax, VA
  11. 11. Founded in 1984 Direct Development started as a direct mail production agency for nonprofit organizations that needed professional help managing their fundraising campaigns. Over time we saw similar service needs in other markets, especially higher education, and expanded to include a full suite of marketing services.
  12. 12. Today we deliver marketing in a variety of media formats, with a strong emphasis on highly variable content. We have evolved over the last 10 years and now manage multi-channel marketing across all media channels, including lead nurturing, scoring and sales ready leads.
  13. 13. U of Alabama Program Overview Overview: The opportunity was a result of a Trade Show Following the event, the initial engagement included: Live demo meeting Program samples Another live demo Two additional months of educating and proof of concept
  14. 14. Variable Viewbooks The initial program was created for another University three years ago We refined the solution and perfected it during the initial program Our objective was to pitch it better and perfect the delivery methodologies
  15. 15. Program Overview University of Alabama Program conducted six months ago U of A has 120 grad programs across 8 schools Central Grad Office said, we need a better approach for connecting with our target audience!
  16. 16. Variable Viewbooks Program Elements Leveraging a multi-channel, multi-media approach, drive target audience to a variable site of choices and info Once at the site, create tailor-designed viewbook based on their interest areas Eight primary versions, with a ton of sub-versions Delivered in print and online formats that are fully integrated
  17. 17. Essentially, this program represents a virtual nurturing program built around the Personalized, Virtual Viewbook creation and follow-up activities
  18. 18. STEP #1 Drive Prospects to Survey Site
  19. 19. STEP #2 Deliver Personalized Online (Virtual) Viewbook
  20. 20. STEP #3 Follow Up with Variable- Print Viewbook
  21. 21. The Plan for this Year Based on your recent success with U of A, what do you have planned for this years activities?
  22. 22. Program Evolution Tony, how have Higher Ed Programs evolved over the last several years?
  23. 23. Old School Marketing Some would say that Higher Ed institutions are old school marketers and slow to move to new ideas... Agree or Disagree?
  24. 24. #1 Challenge When working with the variety of customers that you serve - what's the number one challenge to gain access and get them to market differently to their target audience?
  25. 25. Innovation Factor As an innovative company, you have been offering Marketing Automation Programs to your customers for eight years. How has this helped your company expand your customer offering and grow revenues?
  26. 26. Q & A Tony and Joe
  27. 27. We are here to help you
  28. 28. Your Hosts Tony Fraga Joe Manos Director of Client Services Executive Vice President Direct Development MindFireInc tony@directdevelopment.com jmanos@mindfireinc.com


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