Finding Strategy in Your Story with Andy Busam

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finding strategy in your storyandy busam | digital director, Our State magazine

Carl GoerchMr. North Carolina

So what's the problem?"you need more content," they said.

a plan designed to acheive an overall goalstrategy:

cultivate a plan from your origin storythe our state content strategy

an emotion that pushes us to fill the gaps in our knowledge

Neil DeGrasse TysonThe people who dont ask questions remain clueless throughout their lives.

Elizabeth hudsonI want to tell stories our readers didn't know they wanted to hear, and answer questions that can't be solved by a search on Google.

this is the energy, the movement behind your curiosity






the curious carolinianBecame a sponsored series that generated revenueInspired readers to learn about and appreciate NCAnswered questions, which has an SEO benefit

Albert EinsteinI have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.

Do you know your story?Do you have a content strategy that's working?How can you mine your story for the defining factors that will help you achieve your goals?

Questions?Contact me

andy busam | digital director, Our State magazine