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How to succeed with mobile app promotion on Twitter.


  • 1. Finding Your Way with Twitter MAP How to Succeed with Mobile App Promotion on Twitter Jo Wightman VP, Product - Social Platforms July 31, 2014
  • 2. 800CLIENTS 2300APPS 40 of 50 2013 TOP GROSSING APPS About Fiksu Worlds leading mobile app marketing platform Over 2.9 Billion DOWNLOADS GENERATED Boston Northampton San Francisco London Helsinki Singapore Tokyo Seoul
  • 3. App Marketing Ecosystem Social Traditional/Display Social is one component of a balanced approach. Video RTB Exchanges Rewards
  • 4. The Power of App Install Ads Facebook Success Proves Massive Potential for Twitter & Others While not the cheapest source, Facebook delivers purchasing users at significantly lower costs when compared to other sources.
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  • 6. The Twitter Opportunity Unique ad unit for apps Unique targeting Intent and immediacy Active Mobile Users: 211M Recently announced Q2 results: $277M out of total $312M in revenue derived from ad sales 81% of that $277M came from Twitters mobile ad offering
  • 7. Why Use Fiksu? Twitters ONLY Mobile Measurement and Ads API Partner Mobile Measurement Partners Ads API Partners
  • 8. Fiksu for Twitter Access all Twitter Mobile Ad Services Acquire app users in volume Retarget and re-engage Optimize on LTV Measure performance Analyze and Report Fiksu for Twitter Mobile App Promotion Fiksu Programmatic Campaign Management Fiksu Optimization Engine Tailored Audiences Re-engage & target user segments Measurement & LTV (MACT) Fiksu SDK
  • 9. Fiksu for Twitter Benefits Scale at cost effective CPIs Predictable budgets Expand audience via unique targeting & Tailored Audiences Target high LTV users Full reach: Twitter + Fiksu = access to entire ecosystem
  • 10. How it works Twitter App Card in timeline or search Opens in app store Opens in app for existing users
  • 11. Creative Options BASIC LARGE IMAGE VIDEO Robot Wars @robotwars 3m Build your army and save the world from evil Great game app Robot Wars @robotwars 5m Build your army and save the world from evil Robot Wars 4.3/5.0 stars - 1,546 ratings FREE on Google Play DOWNLOAD Promoted by Robot Wars Robot Wars @robotwars 3m Build your army and save the world from evil Great game app FREE on Google Play Download on App Store DOWNLOAD Promoted by Robot Wars *Recommended
  • 12. Targeting Options Followers Leverage brand advocacy Look-a-Likes Find users similar to your followers Interests Resonate w/ users through their interests Keywords Target users tweeting specific words/terms Search Target users searching for specific keywords Location Narrow in on country, state, city or zip Mobile Reach users by device and platform Gender Increase relevance with gender targeting Tailored Target specific sets of users TV Research users talking about TV shows
  • 13. Tailored Audiences Upload your lists to create tailored audMienocbeiles: advertising IDs Emails Twitter IDs Have observed great performance, but need to beware of saturation over time
  • 14. Engage Users with Deep Linking Direct to specific page in app Re-engagement Promotions Branding
  • 15. Twitter Auction Pricing Cost per App Click Second price auction Ads served based on quality score (historical click rates) and bid price
  • 16. What Twitter Says Use rich images Align tweet copy and image for consistency Highlight apps value prop Generate a sense of urgency to download Use ALL CAPS to draw attention Experiment with different calls to action The shorter your copy the better!
  • 17. Mobile Measurement for Twitter Fiksu Attribution Impressions Clicks Conversions Registrations Purchases LTV Card Engagements Retweets Follows Fiksu Attribution provides access to the entire mobile ecosystem including ad networks, Facebook, and real time bidding exchanges
  • 18. Fiksu Analytics and Reporting Interactive reporting for over 25 KPIs Performance Cohort LTV Twitter Card Engagements Track performance across Twitter & any other media source Retention Retweets Follows More Exportable data Data API
  • 19. Fiksu MoPub DSP Integration Industry-leading contextual targeting for mobile 200k Peak Bids/Second Fiksu is one of our largest, most efficient programmatic partners for in-app and performance marketing.. Janae McDonough, Director, Exchange, MoPub 5B Requests/Day Top 10% MoPub CTR Rank
  • 20. Early Results
  • 21. Twitter CPI vs. Other Sources *Overall Fiksu client spend month to date Remember, while a valuable metric, a low CPI doesnt necessarily tell the whole story.
  • 22. For one major QSR chain, Twitter has emerged as the cheapest source when looking at the cost of several key loyalty metrics across multiple networks. *Results from Beta period Case Study: QSR client results
  • 23. Case Study: Gaming App Conversion Rate CPI ARPU % Registrations % Purchasers Twitter 29.78% $1.56 $0.35 52.06% 1.10% Facebook 29.20% $2.06 $0.16 50.99% 0.83% Video 81.39% $0.87 $0.30 58.20% 0.31% Average Revenue per User is actually highest on Twitter, proving it can be an effect source for not only apps, but games as well. *Worldwide results
  • 24. Case Study: Financial App Conversion Rate CPI Cost Per Purchaser Twitter 6.55% $12.04 $255.12 Facebook 10.12% $12.18 $247.18 Video 20.02% $10.20 $914.16 In this case, the clients key loyalty metric, Cost Per Purchaser, was very similar when looking at Twitter and Facebook, and both were substantially better than video.
  • 25. The Fiksu Difference Access all Twitter mobile services unified, optimized system Unique mobile expertise Fiksu = Twitter + access to the rest of the mobile ecosystem MoPub integration and RTB access Leverage mobile audience data from 900M devices Up to 60% better performance vs. alternate sources* * Data based on performance during beta test
  • 26. Thank You! Want to talk? @fiksu Learn more: