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  • SEO STARTER PACKPowered by

    Introducing the

  • It's a fact...


    Introducing theSEO Starter Pack Businesses that make full use of the internet have better growthprospects, more diversified sources of revenue and a bigger

    customer base.

    The search industry is changingquickly, more businesses areonline and the old rules of SEOno longer apply.

    To be competitive and ensurelong-term survival your business must look for aninnovative solution.

    To simplify this complex onlinemarketing challenge, we areoffering our clients theopportunity to purchase theSEO Starter Pack.

    A solution thats powered bytechnology and data, notguesswork and opinion.


    Learn what keywords matter most to your business

    (Worth $588 )

    See how you stand up against the competition

    Understand what needs fixing and what to do next

    Keyword Research

    12 Months Glasshat Software Licence

    Competitor Benchmark

    Full website audit & custom SEO plan

    Backlink analysis & clean up Optional extra for an additional $429

    Available from$1650 incl. GST

    per website

    Your business is 40%more likely to be

    growing than one thatdoesn't invest in SEO.

    46% of SME's believethat it's important to

    be on the first page ofGoogle.



    - 400 domains

  • Why invest in theSEO Starter Pack?

    Investing in a strategy thatspowered by technology gives

    you the assurance that you aregetting the highest return oninvestment into your website.

    The SEO strategy will be drivenby insights from Glasshat


    Glasshat technology analyses 120 websites that appear in thesearch results for each keywordyour business wants to appear

    for online.

    Get a personalised andprioritised list of things to do

    for your website driven by theGlasshat algorithm.

    No 'one size fits all'recommendations here.

    Dont invest money in costlymanual analysis, research and


    Using Glasshat technologymeans that website issues can

    be found immediately, and workcan start straight away.

    Get the highest returnon your investment

    Data and facts, notguesswork and opinion


    Cost effective & timesaving approach

  • About Glasshat Technology Learn more about how this powerful tool can jumpstart your SEO strategy below.

    Glasshat takes the guesswork out of growing abusiness online by helping businesses effortlesslycreate and put into action digital marketing plans fortheir website.

    Glasshat tells you exactly what your business needsto do next online to drive more traffic to yourwebsite.

    What is Glasshat?

    12 monthsubscription

    included in SEOStarter Pack

    120 competitor websitesanalysed for every

    keyword that mattersto you

    point 'website healthcheck' to identifycritical issues you

    need to fix

    is the average numberof data points

    analysed per website

    average number ofhours saved vs.

    manually analysingand researching your


    50 60k 30

  • For more details andto get started please contact:

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    [Enter contact details for Glasshat Partner Agency]


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