Go BIG Media, Inc: A Plan to Win

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There is no smarter, faster, more targeted approach to reaching your intended audience than with digital media thats why weve made it the cornerstone of our company. Digital ad buying, email marketing, online fundraising, web design, analytics, and social media engagement/management are just some of our offerings in a full range of digital media services.

Smart and fast with digital media. GOSMART

After all, its the reason we got into this crazy business in the first place. Thats why we are dedicated to producing creative content that demands attention and tugs at the heart. From television and radio, to digital media and graphic design, we create content that will be seen, shared, and inspire your targeted audience.

We want to inspire.GOINSPIRED

We target your message.GOTARGETEDNo matter what your message, talking into someones ear is always more effective than talking into a bullhorn. Thats why our content is coupled with the latest innovations in targeting technology to speak to your precise audience. Our staffs expertise in content creation, messaging, and targeting is paired with real time data to ensure your message resonates with the right people at the right time.


Building a framework of new and past supporters to communicate with online.

Our team will take an inventory of all online efforts and build a foundation for future digital strategies by launching a new website, increasing social media followings, building email lists and integrating all digital components into one database.


Segmenting audiences in order to develop an individualized relationship; And, building an online fundraising machine.

We begin a more in depth communication with online voters, supporters, and donors by organizing these audiences into specific issue pockets; identifying those supporters who are most likely to take an action; and re-engaging them consistently in order to build a relationship ahead of your campaign's mobilization.


Delivering the campaign's poll tested message in order to motivate supporters to take action.

Our segmented audiences are now activated to help your campaign engage with voters online, organize grassroots outreach and push donors to contribute ahead of critical fundraising deadlines. Also, digitals real time response during this crucial phase ensures your campaign is ready to combat any opposition research at a moment's notice.


Driving your candidates favorables to the polls.

Here, the digital campaign launches a series of individualized online Communications (across all mediums) solely focused on turning out voters this is the digital complement to all GOTV efforts happening on the ground and on the airwaves.

Campaigns are about putting hundreds of pieces of a plan together, being aggressive from a strategic communications standpoint, and implementing that plan to win. Ive never seen anyone do it as well as Phillip Stutts.--Gov. Bobby JindalA winning campaign is based on building an organization from the ground up and developing a plan that incorporates all strategic thinking in order to execute and win. No one knows how to do that better than Phillip Stutts.-- Senator John Thune

"The team at Go BIG Media consistently delivers results. Their experience, creativity, and most importantly, excellent service, sets them apart.-- Congressman Roger Williams


"Working with Go BIG has provided HCF with the latest in online technology, coupled with unrivaled service. Their ability to find new donors and target them effectively means our PAC has the resources necessary to help conservatives win."-- Colby Hale, Executive Director, House Conservatives Fund

with us.