Growth hacking for SLP Bangalore

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  • Growth Hacking : Start-up Leadership Program, Bangalore

    June 2016

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    Adrian M Odgers Makeitso Project Scale & Growth

  • What is growth hacking and where did it come from?

  • Growth hacking was coined by Sean Ellis in 2010, to help him hire replacements for himself ppsssttt..he was the guy that was in charge of Dropboxs growth and boy did they grow

  • That being said Growth hacking has been around for a long long long time.. We will have a little competition later on to see who can name some of the earliest growth hacks

  • Growth hacking is a set of tactics and best practices for driving growth

  • Growth

  • Growth






    Landing pages



    Deal sites


    Push / Pull


    Product Product lifecycle

  • So how do you drive growth?

  • There is no magic bullet, damn it, if only That being said the key is. wait for it!!!!!

  • 1. Define your objectives & actionable goals 2. Establish your personas and really

    understand your audience 3. Map out your product lifecycle 4. Define tactics, align them to your product

    lifecycle and customer personas and experiment, analyse, optimise, repeat

  • The Pirate Approach

    Thanks Dave Mcclure



  • !!

    1. Aquisition Users come to your site from various channels

  • !!

    2. Activation Users enjoy their first visit

  • !!

    3. Retention Users come back

  • 4. Referal Users like the product enough to refer friends

  • 5. Revenue Users do something that allows you to make money

  • The Growth Hacker funnel


    Thanks Neil Patel & Bronson Taylor

  • 1. Get visitors

    Users land on your site

  • 2. Activate Members This is where the hard work starts by turning visitors into members and members into regular users

  • 3. Retain Users This is where you keep providing value to your regular users so they keep coming back

  • What is a growth hackers job?

  • To have a single minded focus on how to move users from one state to the next to drive growth

  • They use their knowledge of products and distribution to find ingenious technology-based ways (pushing the bounds of what is expected) to drive growth

  • Not every growth hack will work for your company

  • Growth hackers experiment a lot

  • You often need to perform 15 20 tests in order to find 1 2 major improvements

  • How to run growth hacking experiments?

  • There is no 100% right way but there are a couple different ways you can do it: A/B testing Multi variant testing Running tactical tests

  • Lets go into a little more detail regarding how to run A/B testing

  • Divide users into control and test groups

  • Run your hack on the test group and measure the difference between the two groups

    This is called A/B testing

  • How do you measure your growth hacks?

  • Conversion rate # of people who do something # of people who could have Measure conversion at each step

  • How does it work with marketing?

  • As Growth hacking is defined as tactics to drive user behavior and growth, it can be combined directly into your overarching marketing plan through aligning it with: Campaigns Activities Tactical initiatives

  • Time for the competition!

  • In 1956 President Eisenhower enacted the Federal Highway Act of 1956

  • This authorised the creation of 41,000 miles of highways linking America at a cost of $25 Billion USD

  • So Ronald got to thinking..Millions of Americans driving on highways that dont go through major citiesThose guys are going to need to eat!

  • They started building MacDonald's next to highway exits

  • And sometimes on top of highways hhmmmmm

  • The results speak for themselves

  • In 1996 co-workers Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith planned to start a company called JavaSoft

  • But they were afraid their boss would catch them, so they built a web-based email system and Hotmail was born

  • They raised $300,000 but their launch was unimpressive as their growth strategy was to buy billboards and radio ads, the same old stuff

  • But someone had a better idea

  • Put PS: I love you. Get your free e-mail at Hotmail at the bottom of each e-mail

  • Within hours, Hotmails growth took the shape of a classic hockey stick curve

  • They started averaging 3000 new users a day Within 6 month they were up to 1,000,000 users

  • In one case, Bhatia sent one email to a friend in India

  • Within 3 weeks Hotmail had 300,000 users in India

  • When they sold to Microsoft 1.5 years after launch, Hotmail had 8.5 million users (There were only 70 million internet users at the time)

  • Thank You FOR YOUR TIME!

    PREPARED BY MAKEITSO PROJECT Adrian M Odgers / Chief Digital Officer Mobile : +91 9980622001

  • Dave McClure Start up metric for pirates Mattan Griffel Growth Hacking: How startups growth from 0 to millions of

    users Neil Patel & Bronson Taylor The Definitive guide to growth hacking

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