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<ol><li> 1. Growth Hacking Douglas Allen </li><li> 2. Get Your Free Email at Hotmail </li><li> 3. Growth </li><li> 4. A hacker is more interested in the goal than the process Hacking </li><li> 5. What Is Growth Hacking? An attitude or a state of mind Marketing+ techniques For the complete life of the product Focus on long-term, sustainable growth For startups or other growth needs To sell products, services, get users Uses: Data and analytics Social and viral sharing Leveraging whats popular </li><li> 6. What Is Growth Hacking? Acquisition methods that are trackable Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter advertising Google AdWords Third-party marketers Incentives for users Incentives for sharing Product design that includes shareablility Content-based marketing Creating popular content based on popular content Sharing popular content Leveraging popular blog and content sites Specifically to drive people to your site </li><li> 7. What Is Growth Hacking? Giving stuff away To get people to register To introduce people to pieces of the solution To keep users happy and telling others Careful study of the pipeline/funnel steps Understand why people move along Reduce barriers and improve motivation to move Interviewing customers To get the product right in the first place To see why they signed up or bought To see why they didnt A/B testing to improve your site or process </li><li> 8. A growth hacker is a person whose true north is growth. </li><li> 9. Traditional Marketing Brand Selling Image Expensive </li><li> 10. Opinions Love Growth Hacking Its NEW! Its not marketing You exploit the weakness in a system Its works quickly I can use my tech skills Hate Growth Hacking Its trendy Its not marketing You exploit the weakness in a system Tend to have limited life I have to be technical </li><li> 11. "In the course of millions of add impressions I generated over my traditional marketing career, I never followed up with anyone who converted and I spent only a few seconds thinking about the people who didn't convert at all" Ryan Holiday </li><li> 12. Marketers are asked How can we get customers? and the answers are: Press releases Advertisements Publicity Launch party Growth Hacker says we HAVE to get customers! If I have to call everyone myself Growth is the goal, means dont matter. Ryan Holiday </li><li> 13. No traditional marketer would have figured this out </li><li> 14. Paid Traffic Organic Traffic Pre-reg Experience Registration Wall Activation Experience Education Experience Lapser Experience </li><li> 15. 300k visits 23K Regs 22K Plays 20k social media posts </li><li> 16. Shorten Your Time to WOW Have it be the first thing Optimitzely allows immediate A/B testing Create ah-ha videos of your service Personalize the WOW moment Netflix ask for 3 favorite movies </li><li> 17. </li><li> 18. David Skok Free trials and freemium are great ways to let customers discover their WOW You may have to specifically identify the WOW Study the TIME and WORK required to get to WOW How do you shorten the time? Whats the drop-out rate from the trial? How much work is it to get there? </li><li> 19. David Skok </li><li> 20. David Skok Friction and Concerns </li><li> 21. David Skok Motivation and Incentives </li><li> 22. David Skok Motivation and Incentives </li><li> 23. David Skok </li><li> 24. Conversion Rate = Desire - Friction </li><li> 25. </li><li> 26. AirBnB Getting Past Friction Travelers are growing faster than hosts Emotional wall preventing new hosts The right moment is 2X more effective than the right channel They use service to track problems in the host onboarding experience The old process Speed, consistency, and simplicity 40% increase in conversion to hosts Only implement actionable tracking calls Dont track everything - Focused on entering addresses </li><li> 27. Chamath Palihapitiya We did 3 simple brain-dead things How do you get them in the front door? How do you deliver an ah-ha moment as quickly as possible? How do you continuously deliver value? Get an individual to 7 friends in 10 days </li><li> 28. Getting E-mail Addresses Ask Gate your home page Enter your e-mail to receive 15 growth hacks Advertise/ask on your own top 5 pages Want Growth Hacks? Subscribe to my monthly newsletter Ask for the e-mail in the first third of the page Share the most popular content of others Launch an e-mail course 8 weeks of Growth Hacks 8 steps to grow your business Credit to Noah Kagan </li><li> 29. Getting E-mail Addresses Guest blog or guest host on podcasts and when you do, ask the host what would make this the best post/show of all time? Buzzsumo to find whos sharing your current posts Google analytics to see whos referring traffic to you Ask your readers what are THEIR favorite blog sites Your proposal to the host includes 3 titles that are informed by Buzzsumos most popular articles list. Send your marketing e-mail to the 90% a week later with a new subject line. to explore give aways Credit to Noah Kagan </li><li> 30. Register your account at </li><li> 31. Top 10 Stupid Things 1. Enforced immediate registration 2. The long URL 3. Windows that dont generate URLs 4. The unsearchable web site 5. Sites without Digg,, and Fark bookmarks 6. Limiting contact to email 7. Lack of feeds and email lists 8. Requirement to re-type email addresses 9. User names cannot contain the @ character 10. Case sensitive user names and passwords 11. Friction-full commenting 12. Unreadable confirmation codes 13. Emails without signatures 14. Supporting only Windows Internet Explorer </li><li> 32. Registration after they get some value Make registration easy as possible Make it easy to share and receive your content Test and support multiple platforms and screens Plus Adoption is in the details Dont just enable buying sell! Distribute everywhere to to compliment virality Remember the law of big numbers </li><li> 33. </li><li> 34. Multivariate Testing Notes Test and track two versions of a message or process and seeing which one moves closer or faster toward the goal (and you have to have a goal). Different pricing Graphics or design Different wording Placement on the page </li><li> 35. Effective A/B Test Process 1. Pick a measurable, meaningful goal 2. Pick the best changeable process gate 3. Pick an appropriate timeframe 4. Run your baseline test while brainstorming variants 5. Pick your favorite(s) for testing 6. Create your A and B variants 1. Optomizely 2. Your own coders 7. Run your A/B test 8. Re-start at 5 or 2 or 1 </li><li> 36. Add to Cart +Cart Original Variation 1 Variation 2 </li><li> 37. BRIAN DEAN A/B is like using a chainsaw Techniques for one industry dont work for another The results can conflict (sometimes the red button was better, sometimes worse) Knowing what doesnt matter is more important than knowing what does. The secret of A/B testing is knowing what NOT to test He found: I did this is way better than Looking for more traffic? Concrete facts are better than promises Headlines are more important than body </li><li> 38. Growth Hacks Focus on app performance Match the price to the value (or below) Let them sign up for the waiting list Put discounts on your business card Use pre-printed stickers so the code is unique The only way to sign-up is through invites And when you get in, youre given 3 invites to share Turn your users into your sales force </li><li> 39. Growth Hacks If you dont respond to a web or e-mail lead within 5 minutes, your likelihood of responding plummets If you DO respond within 5 minutes, there is a 400% increase in lead response Visuals included in your social media posts improve shareability Ask qualified visitors why they converted AND why they didnt convert Gather objections Address them on the website </li><li> 40. 2011 launched their Facebook app 35,000 to 785,000 monthly users Generated over 750 million Facebook story impressions 3G was rolling out in India, so focus was on dynamic bitrate for streaming Phone apps rolled out in summer 2012 2014 Largest streaming music provider in the world. Warner and EMI almost doubled songs Integration with SONOS this fall </li><li> 41. Clint Balcom Designers get a bad rap Design for emerging markets Design for mobile first Trendy design platitudes dont mean anything </li><li> 42. Design for People Not mobile first </li><li> 43. Facebook page experiments with a variety of algorithms to get pages to go from zero to millions of fans over a few hours or days He eventually figured out how to tell in twenty seconds when the page was going to go viral Content doesnt go viral because it doesnt create enough emotion Humor, cute animals and anything creating a positive emotion makes people likely to share Tap into proven virality rather than trying to come up with something completely new </li><li> 44. </li><li> 45. Spartzs Virality Tips Virality is usually an accident (for everyone else) Something goes viral because it jumps networks Twitter to a blog or forum Facebook to Mashable Use Google trends to see whats working and tells you the most viral Tweets Emulate or spin or capture the essence and bring that to a different part of the Internet </li><li> 46. Spartzs Virality Tips Tweet the same tweet twice a day (maybe even 3) If you have great content find a way to make it into a list Write shorter sentences. Make smaller paragraphs Ask them right away to share Facebook posts with pictures have 50-100% more likes Include 1x1 pixels to hack Facebooks computer judge On Twitter, include an arrow --&gt; before links </li><li> 47. Spartzs Virality Tips Incentivize sharing to help virality along Share to get another contest entry Tell a friend and both of you get a discount Share and well give money to charity Find out whats popular with your users Make a list of things you could bribe them with Discounts Bundles Make a list of everything you want them to do Give e-mail Tweet Like a page </li><li> 48. Spartzs Virality Tips Virality = Emotion Humor Nostalgia Cute animals Anger Revenge Injustice Will sharing this make me look cool? </li><li> 49. How George Takei Grew Followers Post the top story from Reddit Now he just posts whatever he wants to say </li><li> 50. Notes from Ryan Holiday Take advantage of an underutilized or under-exploited platform and design around benefiting that platform. Hey people arent taking advantage of this thing yet! Buzzfeed, Huffington Post and UpWorthy all used Facebook feed. Dont emulate them, find your own platform thats underutilized. </li><li> 51. Notes from Ryan Holiday Leverage other peoples audiences (LOPA) Popular blogs Popular Twitter feeds Facebook pages with lots of friends When trying to get your message to these sites, remember the immortal words of Robert Greene: never appeal to mercy or gratitude, always self- interest. Would you please talk about my product? Look this is a game-changer. Youll want to be associated with it! BTW Im going to promote the crap out of this and this post is going to do really well Share your media plan so they know your plan </li><li> 52. </li><li> 53. </li><li> 54. Product Market Fit you have to make stuff that people want (this comes before everything). This is a necessary condition for growth. Growth Hacking cant make a product sustainable. </li><li> 55. Hi! I'm the CEO here at Dwellable, and I spend a ton of time working with our customers. First, I wanted to thank you for choosing the Dwellable app to kick off your new year travel plans! I'm writing because we're working on a marketing project and I wanted to ask you a favor. Would you be willing to spend 20 minutes on the phone with our brand marketing person, talking about your experience using Dwellable and other travel resources? We would be very, very grateful to hear your insights, and would send you a $25 gift card to Starbucks to show our appreciation. Again, thank you for being a valued Dwellable traveler! KW </li><li> 56. Find Your Growth Hack dont copy examples of other growth hacks, locate your own niche. This gets you started for the next step. </li><li> 57. Going Viral Virality must be built into the product (see step 1). If you dont do this, you have to keep repeating step 2. </li><li> 58. Retention and Optimization Retention trumps acquisition. If you create long-term customers, you can do growth by expanding offerings for existing customers as well as getting new one. </li><li> 59. Hacking the Growth of Your Book E-book instead of paper $3 price 15 different articles as a guest blogger ready to go 3 SlideShare presentations (thousands of views) Pre-orders are hard and Amazon rewards velocity Publishing blogs and doing interviews after book availability Plan your digital barrage to coincide with introduction </li><li> 60. Hacking the Growth of Your Book Partnered with BitTorrent to offer for free: 700mb downloadable content bundle 250 pages from the book, interviews, videos, photos Resulted in 2,000,000 downloads 1,261,12 page visits 880,009 Amazon impressions 327,555 Tim Ferriss website impressions 293,936 book trainer impressions </li><li> 61. How Do You Keep Up? $50 per month $160 per year </li><li> 62. </li><li> 63. Important Stuff Conversion rate Acquisition cost Cohort analysis Trackable and testable customer acquisition strategy Google analytics </li><li> 64. Common Advice Create something great Build growth and sharing into the product from the very beginning Use hacks to incentivize sharing engineer your virality Sign-up lists Rewards for social sharing Discounts for getting others to sign-up Continuous value sustains profitability Focus on customer retention, not acquisition </li><li> 65. Common Advice Study/interview converted customers or users there are lessons there Find the ah-ha moment for your product Twitter: 30 followers Facebook: 7 friends in 10 days Look at your funnel gates for leaks and opportunities Brainstorm tests for improvements If your bounce rate is too high, stop hacking to get visits! Run the tests and implement the improvements </li><li> 66. Questions? </li></ol>


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