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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>www.TheMediaAnt.comA Guide to Television Advertising</p> <p>Step 1 - Choose the right Channel(s)Use the following filters to find the right channel(s)</p> <p>Genre can be Entertainment, Current Affairs and News, Sports etcLanguage - program language of the TV channelGeography certain channels can be targeted at a city levelClick here to view all channels and choose the most suitable one The Media Ant</p> <p>Step 1 - Choose the right Channel(s)Sort - Use this to find the top channels by sorting using Weekly Viewers. </p> <p>View Details - Once you have found the right channel, click on View Details to find information on pricing and execution</p> <p>List View - You can switch to the List View to choose and add multiple channels to your Shortlist in one goNeed help in figuring out the best channel for you? Reach out to our Planner</p> <p>Step 2 Understanding the TV ChannelThe most commonly used media option is Mixed Time which allows you to play your ads throughout the day.</p> <p>For custom time slots please contact us at and we can help you figure out the most suitable one.</p> <p>Need help in figuring out the best media option for you? Reach out to our Planner</p> <p>Step 3 Understanding the PriceTV Advertising rates are always quoted in terms of per 10 secIf the per 10 sec rate for a TV video ad is Rs. 200,</p> <p>Need help in figuring out the best price available? Reach out to our PlannerAd LengthNo of Times/DayNo of DaysPrice Payable1011Rs. 2002011Rs. 4002051Rs. 2,0002057Rs. 14,000</p> <p>If a 10 sec ad is played once, the cost would be Rs. 200.For a 20 sec ad, every time you play the ad it would cost Rs. 200 X 2 = Rs. 400Now, if you play your 20 sec ad, 5 times a day, the cost becomes Rs. 400 X 5 = Rs. 2,000And if you play your 20 sec ad, 5 times a day for 7 days, it becomes = Rs. 2,000 X 7 = Rs. 14,000</p> <p>Step 4 Choosing the right Media OptionOnce you have selected the media option for the TV Channel, click on the Add to Shortlist button</p> <p>Need help in figuring out the best media option for you? Reach out to our Planner</p> <p>Step 5 Calculating Final PriceEnter details below to see total price payable -Ad length No of Times/Day No of Days</p> <p>You can choose to Email the details</p> <p>Or Create a Campaign to close the booking</p> <p>For any assistance drop us a mail on </p> <p>Need more help? 80674 15510</p> <p></p>


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