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Proposal and recap


  • 1. 99.9 The Hawks Home Makeover Marketing & Sponsorship Proposal
  • 2. Reach Homeowners! Over 150,000 Adults in the LehighValley #1 in the market
  • 3. Our Audience Where the $$$ is! Gender 51.7% Male 48.3% Female Education 50.4% have some college, a degree or more Age 19.9% ages 35-44 32.3% ages 45-54 22.6% ages 55-64 Homeowners 76.5% own a home High Household Income 28.9% earn $25k-$50k 25.4% earn $50k-$75k or more Employment 56.1% are employed 32.6% white collar 31.2% blue collar Households 58% are married 36.5% have children under 18
  • 4. Did you know? 99.9The Hawk Listeners spend $6,213,000 per month In LehighValley Area HomeCenters Keep your business top of mind and increase market share withThe Hawk!
  • 5. How it Works! On air and online, 99.9The Hawk will promote the Home Makeover Contest Listeners will go to www.2014homemakeover.com (www.999thehawk.com/home-makeover.aspx) to check outThe Hawks house! The microsite will feature a cross section of a home with a wide variety of home improvement-related prizes. Visitors can register to win all the prizes in the house, and everyone will be automatically entered to win a NEW CAR from Chevy 21! From February 24 through April 2,The Hawk will promote the Home Makeover promotion and the chance to completely make over your garage or driveway with a brand new car! Winners will be selected at random, and their names will be announced on the air; they will have one hour to call backThe Hawk lines to claim their prize and get in the running to score some new wheels! Participating businesses will benefit from SIX weeks of on-air and online promotion, as well as a list of qualified leads from those that registered to win their prize!
  • 6. On Air Exposure Live and prerecorded promotional mentions February 24 through March 22 A minimum of 25 shared promos per week for six weeks Sponsors will receive fair rotation in promos Live contest mentions Prize sponsors will be featured a minimum of four times per day on the day of their prize giveaway Add a high frequency commercial schedule for maximum impact!
  • 7. Online Elements Logo and link to your website or landing page featured on the Home Makeover microsite Ability to integrate social media, photo and video elements on your prize sponsor page Drive foot traffic into your store with a coupon or special offer available to all that register to win your prize Database of all registrants who opted in to receive more info from your business to use for direct marketing and email lists Inclusion in email blasts toThe Hawk Workforce (15,000+ members) Custom display ads featured throughout www.999thehawk.com website (internal and hone pages) for the entire duration of the promotion Posts on station social media pages to encourage listeners to interact with the contest- andYOUR brand
  • 8. Make more MONEY this spring with The Hawks Home Makeover! Your business receives: Fully integrated marketing solution Reach over 100,000 local homeowners on the markets #1 radio station Capture data and receive qualified leads Increase your online presence and boost organic search results Brand your business as the leader in your category to the largest, most affluent audience inThe LehighValley Capitalize on the pent up demand and need for home repairs after the rough winter! Make more money by partnering withThe Hawk!
  • 9. 99.9 The Hawks Home Makeover Promotional Recap
  • 10. On Air Exposure Live contest mentions 400+ Sponsor Rotator Promos 356 Generic Promo ("last chance to register") 34 FinaleTease Promo 140
  • 11. Online Exposure Over 102,000 website impressions for Hawk Home Makeover Contest and Sponsors! 16,357 total contest entries!
  • 12. Chevy 21 Logo, link, and vehicle on all Home Makeover website impressions! Over 102,000 website impressions for Hawk Home Makeover Contest and Sponsors! 16,357 total contest entries!
  • 13. Valley National Bank Logo and link on all Home Makeover pages! Display Ads Total Impressions: 68,226 Click-thrus: 523
  • 14. Cantelmi's Ace Hardware Total Contest Entries 1047 Unique Contest Entries 380 Total Pageviews 1537 Unique Pageviews 1364
  • 15. Dr. Feelgoodes Total Contest Entries 1103 Unique Contest Entries 398 Total Pageviews 1641 Unique Pageviews 1301
  • 16. Hess Windows and Doors Total Contest Entries 1297 Unique Contest Entries 476 Display Ad Impressions 2941 ClickThroughs (from display ads only) 24 Total Pageviews 1816 Unique Pageviews 1539 Preroll Impressions 1529
  • 17. Hobbytown USA Total Contest Entries 704 Unique Contest Entries 284 Total Pageviews 1104 Unique Pageviews 1007
  • 18. Kleckner and Sons Appliances Total Contest Entries 1707 Unique Contest Entries 612 Total Pageviews 4998 Unique Pageviews 2378
  • 19. Mealey's Furniture Total Contest Entries 1415 Unique Contest Entries 558 Display Ad Impressions 3718 ClickThroughs (from display ads only) 30 Total Pageviews 2281 Unique Pageviews 1771 Preroll Impressions 1545
  • 20. Northampton Seafood Total Contest Entries 1046 Unique Contest Entries 437 Display Ad Impressions 797 ClickThroughs (from display ads only) 8 Total Pageviews 1635 Unique Pageviews 1364 Preroll Impressions 2040
  • 21. Overhead Door Company of Allentown Total Contest Entries 982 Unique Contest Entries 370 DisplayAd Impressions 3623 ClickThroughs (from display ads only) 32 Total Pageviews 1755 Unique Pageviews 1287
  • 22. Paul Wright Roofing Total Contest Entries 827 Unique Contest Entries 318 DisplayAd Impressions 3485 ClickThroughs (from display ads only) 36 Total Pageviews 1264 Unique Pageviews 1070
  • 23. Pelican (Pool) Total Contest Entries 1181 Unique Contest Entries 418 Total Pageviews 2008 Unique Pageviews 1367
  • 24. Pelican (Patio) Total Contest Entries 1697 Unique Contest Entries 626 Total Pageviews 3063 Unique Pageviews 1986
  • 25. Peoples Building Supply Total Contest Entries 936 Unique Contest Entries 372 Display Ad Impressions 6598 ClickThroughs (from display ads only) 59 Total Pageviews 1344 Unique Pageviews 1168 Preroll Impressions 1454
  • 26. Service Electric Cable TV Total Contest Entries 1340 Unique Cont