How to Engage YOUR Audience and Keep Them Interested

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  • How to Engage YOUR Audience and Keep

    Them InterestedSara Whitford

  • About Me I live and work in Emerald Isle.

    Ive been developing websites since 1996.

    I fell in love with WordPress back in 2010 and I think its the

    greatest thing thats happened to website development EVER.

    My favorite accomplishment is that Im Mom to a very cool 14-year-old named Isaac.

    I have a historical fiction series that hangs out on the bestseller lists at

  • In this presentation

    Were going to talk about how to:

    Identify your target audience

    Grab their attention

    Keep them engaged

  • We will talk about how to get the right visitors to your site,

    but first, an important question

  • Who is your audience? Teenage boys or baby boomers?

    Well-heeled or budget-conscious?

    Men or women?

    Families or singles?

    Traditionals or progressives?

  • How are they visiting?

    Mobile or Desktop?

    Does it matter?

  • How much site traffic comes from Desktop vs. Mobile Devices?

    From Digital Marketing Research

  • How about actual time spent on individual websites on Desktop vs. Mobile?

    From Digital Marketing Research

  • Digital Market Research

    Mobile drives more traffic worldwide, but desktop users

    spend more time on site.

  • But why?

  • Heres a little story about two friends getting dinner out after a day of shopping

  • A Tale of Two Restaurants

  • FACT: Mondays are Build Your Own Burger for only $5 at Hibernian Pub

    Their burgers are AH-MAZ-ING!

    Mary, the friend who is driving

    knows this, but theres a


  • Its not Monday. Its Thursday.

    And Mary doesnt remember what kinds of specials

    they have on Thursday nights.

  • No problem! says her friend, Julia. Ill just

    visit their website and

    find out!

  • The site is mobile-

    responsive. Thats good.

    She clicks on the

    menu icon.

  • Next, she clicks on


  • Uh-oh Julia is 42. She hasnt admitted

    to herself yet that she needs

    reading glasses.

    (And shes not going to spend all day

    pinch-stretching the menu to read it.)

  • Their menu is tiny! she


    Where else did you have

    in mind?

  • I really am in the mood for

    pub food, Mary replied.

    Search for other pubs.

  • Julia goes to another

    website for a restaurant called Tral Irish Pub.

  • When she gets to their


  • Hmm

  • Hmm

  • BINGO!

  • Julias heart leaps!

    They haveShepherds Pie!

  • We have to go here, Julia says.

  • Nice work, Tral!

  • Lets shift gears for a minute

  • Website Speed Matters A slow-loading site can kill your chances to reach people on

    the mobile web.

    If they do stick around long enough for your site to load, you might very well have eaten up a big chunk of their data allowance for the month.

    Optimize images (file format, Photon, use right image size for location)

    Avoid unnecessary bells & whistles. (Just because you can do something on your website doesnt mean that you should.)

  • First Impressions

  • Whats front and center?

  • Whats front and center?

  • Highlight Social Cred

  • Highlight Social Cred

  • Keep them interested.

  • Lets go back to the restaurant analogy

  • Lets go back to the restaurant analogy

  • Examples of SomeWorthwhile Subscriptions


    Hobby Lobby



    Dr. Axe


  • Newsletter Content Ideas

    Value-added content

    Blog posts



    Helpful tips


  • Automated Content


    Summary emails

  • How to get subscribers Decide on what service to use

    1. Default WordPress Subscriptions option

    2. MailChimp

    In-store, in-business sign-ups

    Pop-up (like Longhorn Steakhouse)

    Facebook Call-to-Action (CTA) button

    CTA box in prominent areas on site

  • Gee, Sara All of this is great information,

    but its dependent on someone already

    knowing about my business or visiting

    my site.

  • How to attract visitors Think about how youd have promoted

    your business in the days before the World Wide Web.

    Yoast SEO

    Keyword research is key!

    Google Business/Bing Places

  • First Place on Google

  • How to attract visitorsAdvertising

    Google AdWords

    Facebook Ads

    Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram

    Mutual linking between related


  • How to attract visitors





  • How to attract visitorsSocial Media

    Remember, not ALL social media is useful for all businesses.

    Regarding Twitter

    Regarding Facebook

    Regarding Instagram

    Regarding Pinterest

  • Everything boils down to this

  • Make your online presence something

    that adds value to your potential customers lives and theyll value

    you and your business in return.

  • For more information and resources:

  • Thank you for listening.

    l o o k o u t p u b l i s h i n g . c o m