How to get Personal with Marketing Automation

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  • How to Get Personal with Marketing Automation

    Kath Pay, Founder of Holistic Email Marketing

  • Kath PayFounderHolistic Email Marketing

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  • I have a confession

  • Objective: to enhance the customer experience


  • Why Personalise?

  • So what do consumers want?

    A recent study by Yahoo found that most consumers are not only aware of online personalisation but that they believe that it provides added relevance with 78% of those surveyed expressing a desire for some type of personalised content.


  • Retail Weekly/Silverpop

  • Retail Weekly/Silverpop

  • Matthew Finn, CRM manager at jewellerybrand Astley Clarke says that implementing personalisation technology to personalisethe online experience

    via what he refers to as 'suggestion choreography' has resulted in some 60% uplift in conversion rates.

    Improved conversion rates

  • So, what is personalisation?

  • Christian Ricci, Chia MonkeyWeb personalisation is a strategy, a marketing tool, and an art.It brings focus to your message and delivers an experience that is customer-oriented and relevant.

  • Necessary ingredients1.Strategy2.Content3.Data4.Technology

  • Lead with strategy, not technology

  • How to personalise

  • 3 different types of dataInformed | Behavioural | Transactional

  • Capture their Digital Body Language

  • and drive intelligent personalisation

  • Achieving Personalisationthrough Automation

  • Combine Behavioural & Transactional data with touch points and technology

  • Be Customer Service FocusedEvery email sent should provide a customer service

  • We LOVE Customer Service

  • Yesreally we do!

    Dress up your marketing messages as customer service Customers have a high tolerance for messages which are

    helpful Leverage this tolerance but be genuine and helpful

  • Be customer-service oriented

  • Delight them!

  • Be helpful!RETENTION EMAIL

    It was sent to customers who had purchased the drill within a given timescale.

    Results versus regular email:

    Sales per send: 724% increase !!!

  • Lets be inspired!

  • New visitor

    Repeat visitor


    Single OrderCustomer

    Multiple OrderCustomer


    Subscribe Popover*Basket Abandonment*

    Checkout Abandonment*



    Browse Abandonment*1st Purchase

    2nd Purchase



    *repeated at different stages of funnel

  • Subscribe Popoverand automated email

  • On entrance

  • On exit

  • Basket Abandonment (for unknowns)


  • Checkout abandonmentCustomer Service

  • An example email campaign.

    Reminder35 min

    Reassurance23 hours

    Promote6 days

    Adopt a timed email delivery strategy to engage your customers.

  • 1st Purchase ProgrammeWelcome Subscriber or Registered user

  • 2nd Purchase ProgrammeWelcome Customer

  • Transpromo email

  • Browse Abandonment Programme

  • Overtly: Browsed not boughtResults versus general email:

    Conversion rate: 44% increase

    Note: The conversion rate will be optimised if the products are relevant to what has been browsed

  • Replenishment Programme

  • Back in Stock

  • Birthday/Anniversary

  • Loyalty

  • I think theyre onto something!

  • Unengaged Customer Programme

  • Lapsed Customer Programme

  • Leverage data, touch points and marketing automation technology to deliver a personalised experience for your customers

  • Questions?