How To Leverage Digital Marketing For Business Success

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  1. 1. Connect Serena dot Ryan Digital Marketing Education Specialist How To Leverage Digital Marketing For Business Success
  2. 2. ConnectConnect Where to start Why were going there Your Action Plan Next Steps Success in the Digital Age
  3. 3. ConnectConnect The World We Live In In Australia Facebook has 17,000,000 unique users per month. 91% of people in Australia use a mobile device or smart phone. Australians have an average of 4.7 devices per person.
  4. 4. ConnectConnect Why I am here 1bn+ Users
  5. 5. ConnectConnectConnect Why I am here
  6. 6. ConnectConnect Getting Introduced
  7. 7. ConnectConnect A Social Cup Of Coffee Twitter // Im drinking a coffee Facebook // I like coffee Google+ // Im a google employee who drinks coffee Instagram // Heres a vintage photo of my coffee Pinterest // Heres how to make the perfect coffee Linked In // My skills include drinking lots of coffee YouTube // Watch me drink my coffee Snapchat // Watch my coffee disappear
  8. 8. ConnectConnect 1. Share With Purpose Dont share anything online unless it is adding value to your life.
  9. 9. ConnectConnect Presence Where are you? Privacy Who can see? Permanence Whats your legacy? 1. Share With Purpose
  10. 10. ConnectConnect 2. Be An Opportunist Create and look for opportunities to grow, develop and connect.
  11. 11. ConnectConnect Connections Who do you know? Alerts Are you notified? Subscriptions Are you on subscribed? 2. Be An Opportunist
  12. 12. ConnectConnect 3. Give And Receive Support Network and support both in person and online.
  13. 13. ConnectConnect Networking What rooms are you in? Charity Work Do you volunteer? Mentoring Who do you look up to? 3. Give And Receive Support
  14. 14. ConnectConnect 4. Be A Learner Updates are made daily to the digital landscape. Make time to incorporate learning every day.
  15. 15. ConnectConnect Listen Watch Do Practice makes perfect 4. Be A Learner
  16. 16. ConnectConnect 5. Be Flexible Digital is agile. Use it to listen, learn and respond to your customers.
  17. 17. ConnectConnect Own Transparency is key Fix Have fun fixing it Persist Try, try, try again 5. Be Flexible
  18. 18. ConnectConnect 6. Set Priorities Digital moves fast. Maximise your return of investment by being in the best places to help you grow.
  19. 19. ConnectConnect Set Hours Google Calendar ROI $ first Process Use apps, trello, wunderlist, evernote... 6. Set Priorities
  20. 20. ConnectConnect 7. Have Patience It takes an average of 12 times someone is in contact before they are a customer.
  21. 21. ConnectConnect Connect Extend your presence Be Social Be active online Be Consistent Post regularly 7. Have Patience
  22. 22. ConnectConnect Summary Use Digital as a tool to achieve what you really want.
  23. 23. ConnectConnect Next Steps Get connected Jump in Keep learning Write a review
  24. 24. ConnectConnect Educate and Empower Digital Marketing Education 0437 016 395 How I can help Connect