How to Prep Your Revenue Team for Dreamforce

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<ol><li> 1. How to Prep Your Revenue Team for Dreamforce 2017! Presented by: Amelia Ibarra, Demand Gen Manager, BrightFunnel Allie Butters, Account Development Manager, BrightFunnel </li><li> 2. Amelia Ibarra Demand Gen &amp; Customer Mktg Manager @miadia Allie Butters Account Development Manager @itsme_allieb Your Speakers </li><li> 3. Brace yourselves ... </li><li> 4. Things to Pack: Comfortable shoes! Layers, snacks &amp; a battery pack Phone cables Go for an ipad vs computer Leave room for swag Things to Do: Plan your schedule, but be flexible Choose a spot to view the keynote Have a central hub for your team Things to Know Before You Go ... </li><li> 5. Scheduling: Build your agenda on the app or at Use multiple filters to narrow down sessions Budget extra time for keynotes or larger sessions as they will fill up! Make time to network Book meetings with vendors before you arrive Things to Know Before You Go ... </li><li> 6. Dreamforce Parties: View the Apttus Dreamforce All Access Calendar Register for breakfasts, happy hour and parties Join BrightFunnels Revworld Happy Hour! Things to Know Before You Go ... </li><li> 7. Customer Success Expo Tips </li><li> 8. For Marketers: As An Attendee: Happy hour on Monday is one of the best times to visit! Get social connect with fellow SFDC users and check the #DF17 stream for giveaways &amp; additional info Be ready to shake a lot of hands and make new friends (pack gum, mints, hand sanitizer) </li><li> 9. For Marketers: As An Attendee: Utilize this time to speak with analysts, press about your biz Talk to exhibiting businesses about teaming up for partnered marketing campaigns! Speak to those youve worked with virtually and get to know them in-person Great time to run an ABM play if your target account is a vendor! </li><li> 10. For Marketers: As A Business / Exhibitor: The expo hall can get busy! Break through the noise with a catchy or intriguing theme for the tradeshow Be ready to scan, scan, scan! Prep follow-ups, pitches, and messaging ahead of time Become tight-knit with sales Build out a schedule for your team </li><li> 11. For Marketers: As A Business / Exhibitor: Create a Dreamforce specific slack channel or text group to coordinate during DF17 Have business cards handy Dont forget: giveaways are a great way to drive booth traffic Stash some snacks in your booth and be sure to take breaks </li><li> 12. For Sales: Who Should You Staff in Your Booth? Booth duty is perfect for your account development team. Salespeople are typically friendly and outgoing by nature In-person networking is valuable for ADR career development ADRs are eager to speak with all potential prospects They have a great attitude, typically welcoming the opportunity </li><li> 13. For Sales: Preparation Enable Product Knowledge. Elevator pitch Call recordings Product demo script Competitive battle cards Clear customer qualification criteria </li><li> 14. For Sales: Preparation Schedule practice sessions. Group elevator pitch practice Objection handling practice Demo practice for your more experienced reps </li><li> 15. For Sales: Schedule &amp; Etiquette Keep the size of your booth in mind. Make an evenly distributed schedule amongst reps. Communicate Booth Etiquette (i.e. no phones, no food in booth, etc.) Set a dress code. Make sure everyone knows how to shamelessly scan! </li><li> 16. For Sales: Networking In the booth: Be friendly and inviting Provide value first. Qualify second. Be conversational Outside the booth: Walk around the expo hall - learn about other companies, meet people, check out the swag It is socially acceptable to approach anyone! </li><li> 17. Meeting with Prospects </li><li> 18. Prospecting Prep Secure meeting space. Is there space near your booth? If not, think about reserving something. Clearly communicate all the details: Booth #, Location, Theme Meeting space details and availability Routing rules &amp; Account Executive schedules Establish lofty, yet achievable goals. Create an event meetings campaign to track prospecting results. </li><li> 19. How to Book Those Meetings Arm your team with: Event-specific prospecting messaging A multi-channel prospecting cadence The best attendee list you can possibly find Direct mail budget &amp; freedom </li><li> 20. Create a process for documenting meetings. Have a computer &amp; calendar available to book future meetings on the spot. Partner with Marketing to arm your reps with swag for giveaways! Stick to the booth schedule you prepared. Day of Tips Pro Top: Avoid letting the booth become a hangout spot! </li><li> 21. Hosting an Event </li><li> 22. Marketing Tips for Event Success: Create a separate Salesforce campaign for your ancillary event Event space around the dreamforce fills up fast Think about your event from start to finish plan out all aspects from entrance, swag, people flow Stay on top of your vendors. Be sure to be super detail oriented when it comes to your event </li><li> 23. Marketing Tips for Event Success: Schedule regular meetings with your sales and marketing teams Give everyone a role at the event Before the event, have your venue point of contact walk you through the flow of the evening Have backup plans for any variables that are outside of your control Be ready to think on your feet and improvise during the event When in doubt, ask the expert! </li><li> 24. Marketing Tips for Event Success: Have a detailed check-in process that you go through beforehand Get their email addresses at all costs Create a call sheet for day-of with everyones phone numbers and a group text for your internal team Know your logistics, capacity, etc. Do a final walk through the day before your event Order swag ahead of time to cut down on rush fees </li><li> 25. Marketing Tips for Event Success: Sync with your team on attire during the event Create items like signage to help people flow Know how to identify your target accounts so that you can easily network with them Take photos of the evening for your follow-ups Tweet, share, post empower your team to get social before and especially during the event </li><li> 26. Empower your sales reps to leverage the event. ADRs, AEs, and CSMs should send personal invites to their prospects/customers. Auto-MQL your registrants so that your ADR team can try and book meetings while theyre warm! Auto-MQL your registrants so that your reps can try and book meetings with them!o that your reps can try and book meetings with them! </li><li> 27. Promos, Programs &amp; Follow-ups </li><li> 28. Marketing Promotions: Develop an email marketing calendar for Dreamforce Segment your messaging to break through the noise! By title Company size ICP / Buyer fit Write helpful blog posts for before and live blog during Engage with other marketers in the app! </li><li> 29. Promos to run Social Promos Dont forgot about employees </li><li> 30. Tips for Program Success Add UTMs to everything! Track where your dreamforce traffic is coming from Create and keep your UTM naming conventions consistent Tip: Give partner specific UTMs to anyone who may be referring back to your dreamforce promotions Dont forget to create a UTM for employee advocacy </li><li> 31. Tips for Program Success! Use parent / child campaigns in Salesforce to see the roll up of your efforts! Parent Campaign: Tradeshow Dreamforce 11-2017 Child Campaigns: Happy Hour or Event attendees Sales meetings Booth scans Sessions </li><li> 32. Marketing Follow-Ups Coordinate with your ADR and sales team Have segmented follow-ups written out before the conference Leave placeholders for any tips, trends that you noticed Think of yourself as a Dreamforce attendee and only include information that would add value to your prospects Use an ABM play when appropriate Be social! </li><li> 33. Sales Follow-ups Booth Scans &amp; Party Attendants Auto-MQL your booth scans &amp; event attendees. Schedule power hours for your ADR team. Prospect Meetings Add every prospect to your event meetings campaign. Share documentation across the team so that every rep has visibility into the meetings that took place and their personal follow-up necessary. </li><li> 34. Metrics &amp; ROI Tracking </li><li> 35. # Booth Scans # Party attendants # Qualified Meetings that took place # Opportunities created from those meetings Dreamforce sourced pipeline Dreamforce influenced pipeline Dreamforce sourced revenue Dreamforce influenced revenue Metrics to Track </li><li> 36. How does dreamforce tie back to your overall marketing efforts? Metrics to Track </li><li> 37. Use multi-touch attribution for the full picture Metrics to Track </li><li> 38. Run a campaign analysis to see how much pipeline and revenue was sourced Metrics to Track </li><li> 39. Account Engagement </li><li> 40. Q&amp;A Thanks for watching! </li></ol>