Increase your lead generation with LinkedIn

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Increase your lead generation by learning the strategies to networking and building relationships on LinkedIn

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  • 1.Public and in-house Training Courses - for any size business with a web presence - Leveraging all areas of Social Media and Social Platforms; Online Advertising; Google Analytics. LinkedIn and Lead Generation + #GetTrainedUK

2. David Taylor @savvysocialDT Social media author, trainer, marketing consultant and speaker. Helping businesses to communicate more effectively. Co-author The Business of Being Social and Fusion, the New Way of Marketing Columnist on Metro newspaper Business Training Made Simple deliver public and in-house Training Courses - for any size business with a web presence - Leveraging all areas of Social Media and Social Platforms; Online Advertising; Google Analytics. #GetTrainedUK 3. Quick Intro to LinkedIn Getting to All Star Company Profiles Building an effective database Leveraging your connections What well cover today #GetTrainedUK 4. There are now 300 million users worldwide Over 11 million in the UK Very much the Facebook of the business world Incredibly effective CRM, business intelligence and networking tool And of course powerful lead generation channel #GetTrainedUK 5. Business Objectives Plan EngageAnalyseListen Who will manage or channels and when Whats being said about you or your competitors What will your response be Have well prepared lines to take ALL social media activity is about delivering on your... #GetTrainedUK 6. Getting to All Star #GetTrainedUK 7. Company Pages #GetTrainedUK 8. Showcase Pages #GetTrainedUK 9. Building an effective database #GetTrainedUK 10. Wrap Up Create a defined LinkedIn strategy to help you achieve your business goals. Make sure all your employees get to All Star Use Company and Showcase Pages Build an effective database Use the people you know to get to the people you want to know Be proactive. #GetTrainedUK 11. More to Help You on Your Journey #GetTrainedUK 12. Upcoming Hangouts and Courses Next Google Hangout You are what you Share Setting your Content Strategy for Business Growth *New Courses* - Pinterest and Instagram* 16th May - The Single Sales Principle 2nd June - Search Marketing Bundle 23rd - 25th June (Save over 100) Next LinkedIn Course - 28th May 13. Follow us for hints & tips, current Social Media news and course information @GetTrainedUK #GetTrainedUK @businesstrainingmadesimple 14. Services We Offer Training Courses We train in Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Content Marketing and much more. In-House Training We can build any course specifically for your company needs. With our experts we design training which will benefit you. Social Media Services and Online Visibility Solutions Social Media Management Content Marketing Wed Design and Graphic Design Online Advertising ( PPC on Google, Facebook & LinkedIn) Marketing Strategy Planning and Consulting Free Resources Blog : Hint and tips on our blog. Please subscribe www.businesstrainignmadesimple/blog/ Webinars: Join our Google Hangouts for free! Each month we run useful seminars on what we do best. Register on our website Video: View our course testimonial, meet our trainers and view our past Google Hangouts 15. Certification Certificate for each course/Advanced Certificate (20 POINTS)/Master Certificate (27 POINTS) Social Media Marketing TOPIC POINTS Social Media for Business 4 Social Media Strategy Workshop 8 Twitter 4 LinkedIN 4 Facebook 4 Pinterest and Instagram 2 Content Content Marketing 4 Search Engine Marketing AdWords 4 SEO 6 Analytics 6 Towards Social Media Marketing Advanced & Masters Towards Search Engine Marketing Advanced Can be used for either