INFOGRAPHIC: What Advertisers Need to Know About Back to School Shopping

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Back to school season is upon us. Here is what advertisers should know about consumer buying habits.


  • 1. *We asked 100 agency media buyers with BTS clients how important it is to keep their clients' ads free of bot trafc. Audience Prole & Ad Strategy Back to School 2014 Who Will Shop? Where Will They Shop? Solve Media Strategy Solve Media Strategy Solve Media Tip Solve Media Tip What Will They Buy? Heavy up your ads 1-2 weeks before the rst day of school and immediately after school starts. 21% of our consumers will shop 1-2 weeks before and 20% will shop immediately after. 68% of our consumers will focus on school supplies. However, all categories see an increase in spending. Focus on moms, but dont neglect families and dads. Only 63% of back to school consumers are moms. (Strong potential in alternate shoppers, including dads.) Take advantage of back to school spending while increasing brand favorability and purchase intent. Consumers will shop at many stores, this is a critical time to win market share. 20% After School Starts 13% 1-2 Days Before School Starts 15% 3-7 Days Before 21% 1-2 Weeks Before 12% 3 Weeks - 1 Month Before 17% More than 1 Month Before Our Mom Network Includes Apparel - 4% Electronics - 7% All Categories - 21% School Supplies - 68% Womans World Magazineof purchases are made buy moms63% Ofce Depot- 6% Staples - 12% Other- 5% Walgreens - 3% Target - 18% Walmart - 55% 68% 21% $75 Billion will be spent on back to school this year 71% of agency media buyers* replied keeping their clients' ads free of bot trafc is very important to critical When Will They Shop? 55% 18%