Introduction to Growth Hacking

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What is Growth Hacking? You will learn 3 key things about growth hacking as well as famous examples of growth hacking ideas and techniques. This slides were presented during Barcelona Growth Hacking Meetup on 21.10.2013.


  • Introduction to Growth Hacking + Networking Growth Hacking Barcelona Meetup 21.10.2013 Radek Grabarek
  • Radek Grabarek Senior editor at Softonic 4 years in Barcelona From Warsaw, Poland Geek, startup & mobile app enthusiast @radekg
  • What is Growth Hacking? Simple definition: Growth hacking is a set of tactics and best practices for dealing with the problem of user growth Mattan Griffel -
  • 3 key things about Growth Hacking
  • 1) Intersection Growth hacking is an intersection of 3 areas: PROGRAMMING MARKETING DATA ANALYSIS
  • 2) Based on DATA! - A/B tests Landing page optimization Key metrics Email marketing Onboarding SEO UX
  • 3) Disruption - Growth hacking is disrupting the way companies are organised - Big companies structures: Marketing Data analytics / business optimization Content / products Several teams one team focused on growth
  • Who is responsible for growth?
  • Why do we need Growth hacking? - Its quite easy to build a startup but... Its hard to grow it. - Most companies track only topline and bottomline metrics --> Traffic and Revenue - To grow, we need pirating skills...
  • Growth hacking is for pirates! AARRR!
  • Dave McClure Startup metrics for pirates A: Acquisition - where / what channels do users come from? A: Activation - what % have a "happy" initial experience? R: Retention - do they come back & re-visit over time? R: Referral - do they like it enough to tell their friends? R: Revenue - can you monetize any of this Source behaviour?
  • Best practices: Famous examples
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  • Airbnb Post to Craigslist feature More info: Andrew Chen
  • Dropbox Incentivized Referral Program
  • Mailbox waitlist More info: The Verge
  • Mint content/SEO strategy More info: Okdork
  • Growth hacking - critics Is a growth hacking just a buzzword? Yes No
  • Growth hacking - something new Google trends - Worldwide - 2004 - present
  • Growth hacking - trendy only in USA Google trends - Worldwide - 2004 - present - regional interest
  • Growth hacking - last 12 months Google trends - Worldwide - past 12 months
  • Growth hacking - critics - Growth hacking is just a bunch of tricks and gimmicks. NO: Without a great product, you cant succeed!
  • Why Growth hacking is great? - It gives you a simple framework, a simple path - AARRR! - One key metric - Experiment, measure, optimise, repeat...
  • SPAII - our hosts Big THANKS to Marc and Xavi Spaii is a cultural center in Barcelona for the outreach of science and technology in space, providing activities for people from all ages including workshops, conferences and spacecamps.
  • Thank you! Growth Hacking Barcelona Meetup 21.10.2013 Radek Grabarek