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1. Startup Marketing What you need to know and when Amit Lavi March 2015 2. 2 2015 Marketing Envy Marketing Envy founders Over 30 years combined experience with tech start ups and multi-national brands Google, Facebook, Ubuntu, Fuji-Xerox, HP Scitex, Askem, Cloudyn, BlazeMeter, DMG, ICQ, Tuteboard, GetEvents, Mantis Vision, Cliqdo, Outbrain Billy Cina Amit Lavi 3. 3 2015 Marketing Envy Our customers 4. 4 2015 Marketing Envy Cant see the plan from all the buzzwords Marketing as a process 5. 5 201 Marketing Envy So you want to do marketing for your startup 6. 6 2015 Marketing Envy Initial clients Buzz / traction Hockey Stick Growth New markets Because everyone does it Because my investors told me to start marketing I want marketing for 7. 7 2015 Marketing Envy 4 stages of the startupocopalypse Test Launch Growth Tech Company 8. 8 201 Marketing Envy Test Phase If you cant measure it it doesnt exist 9. 9 2015 Marketing Envy Lets Launch, the product is ready. I just feel it Why Test? 10. 10 2015 Marketing Envy Startup Launch is not an event its a process you have to be ready for Why Test? 11. 11 2015 Marketing Envy A target audience Great messaging Bring enough users Analytics Test What do we need 12. 12 2015 Marketing Envy Never Assume Test Messaging 13. 13 2015 Marketing Envy Cheaper to test top of funnel Adapt tests to dev cycle Test What to measure Decide on KPI 14. 14 2015 Marketing Envy Login Native email or Facebook/ Google login? Test KPI No. 1 in funnel Lets start with Log-in Email login and Facebook Facebook only 15. 15 2015 Marketing Envy Greatest impact on changing the top of the funnel Test KPI No. 1 in funnel Lets start with Log-in Email login and Facebook Facebook only 16. 16 2015 Marketing Envy Test B2B Make youre your site is ready Try: Popup Top bar Exit banner Signup form Visible CTA 17. 17 2015 Marketing Envy Stop when: o You reached your KPIs o Messaging is effective o You ran out of time Test When to stop testing 18. 18 2015 Marketing Envy Test Build your presence from day -1 19. 19 2015 Marketing Envy Experience with: o Product analytics o Basic experience with PPC o Managing copywriters o Define KPIs Test Phase What skills do you need 20. 20 2015 Marketing Envy Marketing is not just about the story No KPI No Go Product & marketing was play nice together Only Hands on Test Phase Remember 21. 2015 Marketing Envy 21 Ready, Set, Launch! 22. 22 2015 Marketing Envy Launch Process , not one off Analyze Execute KPIMeasure Plan 23. 23 2015 Marketing Envy Launch Present your story Be Bold 24. 24 2015 Marketing Envy Use starting point from Test Measure without a starting point: o Activities KPIs o Incremental increase o Minimum KPIs Launch How to set meaningful KPIs with no prior data 25. 25 2015 Marketing Envy Choose your channels (B2B and B2C) > 1 Channel Focus on Core Audience Test less promising channels Launch Go to market 26. 26 2015 Marketing Envy PPC campaigns Mobile App installs Search campaigns SEO / ASO Content marketing Reviews Native advertising Offline conversions Viral content Launch Acquisition B2C 27. 27 2015 Marketing Envy Paid lead generation campaigns Lead nurturing Social Media Biz Dev Industry reviews LinkedIn direct emails Gift campaign Conference Launch Acquisition B2B 28. 28 2015 Marketing Envy 2 things to remember about PR: 1. No one cares that youve launched 2. No agency is the best in all verticals Solid, effective PR that will not make you cry over the monthly retainer requires: An interesting product With users &/or customers Data about the market &/or customers A good English (?) speaker for the journalists/analysts Launch - PR 29. 29 2015 Marketing Envy Pareto Execution Flexabilty Launch Phase Focus on 30. 30 2015 Marketing Envy Holistic marketing plan Define KPI and know how to reach Tying channels together Executing many channels Launch Phase What do you need: 31. 31 2015 Marketing Envy Growth When we know launch worked 32. 32 2015 Marketing Envy Build the machine Automate and create procedures and monitoring Growth - Build the machine 33. 33 2015 Marketing Envy Non-linear process Takes a long time Data heavy, ROI focused Constantly test new markets and verticals Integrate channels into BI Growth 34. 34 2015 Marketing Envy Analyze data from launch Become / Hire experts Manage processes not channels Building the marketing machine Growth Excel in chosen channel(s) 35. 35 2015 Marketing Envy Hire Channel pros o The best Content Marketers o PPC Expert in best channel the rest will come o Analytics Dedicated resource, connects all the dots Growth Build team 36. 36 2015 Marketing Envy Method and process, not miracles Integrating the product into marketing Get traffic first Growth - Hacking 37. 37 2015 Marketing Envy Growth - Hacking examples 38. 38 2015 Marketing Envy The buzzwords : Inbound Content Native ads Growth Inbound and Content marketing The buzzwords 39. 39 2015 Marketing Envy Got a story to tell? Now its the time for PR Growth - PR Should I start PR now? 40. 40 2015 Marketing Envy Optimize for o Retention o Purchase o Premium o In-App o Virality - K Factor Ask for Feedback from users Growth Product Optimize down the funnel 41. 41 2015 Marketing Envy Growth Product Optimize down the funnel 42. 42 2015 Marketing Envy Growth Phase What do you need: Yearly planning Yearly budget Build team Clear ROI goals Product feedback loop Innovate with channels 43. 43 201 Marketing Envy Bye Bye Startup The Marketing Factory 44. 44 2015 Marketing Envy Multi-product strategy Multi-market strategy Distributed team Refines story The Marketing Factory the challenges 45. 45 2015 Marketing Envy The Marketing Factory Phase Multi year strategy Refine vision Branding International marketing 46. 2015 Marketing Envy 46 Thank you Now go and start marketing