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<ul><li><p>Kimberley A. ReevesDigital Content Portfolio</p></li><li><p>About my web/promo design history</p><p>I contributed thoughtful, intuitive design to help solo entrepreneurs and small businesses build online platforms for B2B and B2C interaction. </p><p>I provided themed branding with clearly recognizable visual elements for digital properties, marketing, promotional goods, and other client needs. </p></li><li><p>Clean, logical website architecture and unique design elements</p><p>Full social media presence branding</p><p>Text+ images for Instagram, Tumblr, or other social media</p><p>SEO, analytics, and keen attention to conversion metrics</p><p>Collaborative, client-driven process for design and follow-up</p><p>Graphics for web and print</p></li><li><p>Lori Anne Matthews</p><p>Client: a personal injury attorney</p><p>Needs: small, easily updated site with strong SEO, simple navigation and limited clicks between landing and services/contact info</p><p>Wants: clean lines, high contrast, accessibility</p><p>Process: several consultations, refining versions based on developing layout and color preferences and clients request to emphasize the contact/conversion page</p><p>Solution: a WordPress site with a robust contact form, integrated SEO plugins and analytics, and ongoing maintenance as needed</p></li><li><p>Client: A NYT bestselling author </p><p>Needs: an easily expandable WordPress site to accommodate frequent updates and page additions</p><p>Wants: vibrant pastel colors, an informal, whimsical/retro feel, a Princess shoe element, themed social buttons</p><p>Solution: Emphasis on header, social buttons, and decorative elements to bring in colors other than pink; prominent newsletter signup call to action and social buttons; easily expanded menu of pages for new titles. </p></li><li><p>WonkomanceClient: a multi-author blog</p><p>Needs: Clear branding for the blog that could also be used for easily recognizable promo items at conferences</p><p>Wants: retro feel, logo that is witty and feminine without being pink</p><p>Solution: Focused on the logo first, collaborating with blog members to select and refine that element then basing the blog color scheme and design, promo cards, and giveaway badges on that key element. </p></li><li><p>Upstage TheatreClient: a community theatre</p><p>Needs: a top-to-toe web makeover, with branded/themed graphics for their new social media properties</p><p>Wants: evoking their original logos while creating a more sophisticated, modern look</p><p>Solution: A full branding package, including new mobile-friendly WordPress site, social media banners, and a logo graphic and tag lines for avatars/promo items</p></li><li><p>Contact: kim.r.tx@gmail.comTwitter: @KimOnTheOutsidewww.kimberleyreeves.com</p><p>https://www.linkedin.com/in/kimberley-a-reeves</p></li></ul>